How do I know if I made the deadline?

With the first application deadline rapidly approaching (October 29), we are getting lots of questions from concerned applicants, wondering whether they will “make” the deadline/consideration for our $1,000 professional development stipend.

In an ideal world, an applicant that intends to apply by this deadline should have all application materials (online application and required supplemental materials) in to the Graduate Programs Office (GPO) by Friday, October 29.  We realize that there are mail delays and processing delays, however.  As such, your application will be qualified for consideration if you submit the application online by Friday, October 29 and ALL remaining supplemental materials (transcripts, test scores, essays, resume, recommendation letters) have been received by the GPO by Friday, November 5.

Don't wait until the last minute! (And be thankful the Director of Admissions doesn't really look like this!)