Can you apply if you are an undergraduate OSU alum?

We recently attended a recruiting fair when someone asked us an interesting question.  She wanted to know whether she could apply to Fisher since she graduated with her undergraduate degree from Ohio State.  She thought that the Fisher MBA admissions committee may not look favorably upon (or even accept) applications from undergraduate Ohio State alumni.  Let me set the record straight – this is not the case!  We are happy to receive MBA applications from OSU alumni and, as a matter of fact, we frequently see applications from previous Ohio State students.   We do not evaluate Ohio State alumni any differently than any other applicant to our program.   We are looking for candidates who have demonstrated strong academic aptitude, leadership potential, and success in their professional and personal endeavors.  We are evaluating applications to determine if the prospective students will be active contributors in the MBA program, the Fisher community and the Columbus community at large.  We look to ensure that you are capable of handling the coursework that is required of a rigorous graduate management program and that you will have a successful overall experience at Fisher.

Bottom line: Apply, Buckeyes and future Buckeyes alike!