Fisher’s official logo is available in different layouts and colors, depending on the desired format and use. We strongly encourage anyone using the logo to reference Ohio State guidelines on overall use, color, size, spacing and other criteria:

The logos included below were created for use on the web. If you intend to use the logo for print media or other special projects, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for logo files in the proper format.

Templates, creative guidelines and other resources will be added to this page regularly. Fisher faculty and staff are encouraged to visit often for the latest information and assets.

Social media

Dedicated logo templates and treatments are currently being created for all social media accounts associated with Fisher College of Business. These will be designed to ensure a level of overall quality, as well as consistency with the branding and identity of Ohio State.

These templates and other assets will be posted to this page when they are available.

Merchandise and apparel

When designing identification elements for merchandise, keep it simple, and remember that the Ohio State name is the one that will make someone hold onto a pen or T-shirt. Consider leveraging the power of the college logo and be creative with the name of your unit, program, etc. — like using your URL, Twitter handle or hashtag rather than the full name.

“OSU.EDU” is a powerful brand indicator, and online interaction with the university and college later is a great opportunity for your audience to further engage with the Ohio State brand.

All merchandise and apparel using the Ohio State or Fisher logo must be approved through Fisher’s Office of Marketing and Communications and Ohio State’s Office of Trademark and Licensing prior to purchase.

All logos appearing on merchandize and apparel should have the ® symbol.

  1. Complete the Department Request Form
  2. Submit associated artwork to dertinger.5@osu.edu in Trademark and Licensing and bare.29@fisher.osu.edu in Fisher’s marketing communications department for consideration.

Preferred use:  Horizontal

The horizontal logo is the primary logo for the college. It should be used in every situation where space is appropriately available.


This image may be saved in .jpeg format by right-clicking and selecting “Save picture as…”
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Black only version  |  Download EPS file

Second choice:  Vertical

The vertical configuration may be used in circumstances where it is impractical to use the preferred horizontal version.

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Download EPS file

Black only version  |  Download EPS file