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From Business as Usual to Business Unusual

There is a singular driving force behind what we do here at Fisher. Go Beyond. It is the core of Max Fisher’s compelling legacy — that with our intellect and heart, we go beyond what’s expected, what’s ordinary, what’s comfortable. Our uniquely prepared students make a meaningful and lasting impact in business, in community, and in the world. It makes us Fisher. Go Beyond.

The Fisher brand is rooted in our history, our identity, and our achievements, all of which are inextricably linked to our land-grant mission to advance the lives of our students, their communities and the economic growth of our state, nation and world. Our brand also looks to the future, ready for the opportunities and challenges of the ever-changing, global-business landscape. This multiyear project to “tell the Fisher story” included the engagement and participation of more than 3,000 stakeholders — from faculty, students and staff to alumni and recruiters. Now, we are proud to share it with you.