Field Study Projects Impresses Corporate Partners
David Widdifield
David Widdifield teaches an MBLE class.

It is not often you hear a diehard Michigan Wolverine heap praise on Buckeyes, but Jon Petticrew, vice president of operations, for ODW Logistics, Inc., raved about Fisher’s Master of Business Logistics and Engineering (MBLE).

When asked in an email to evaluate the program, he wrote: “First Rate! Top Shelf! This is coming from a Michigan man!”

ODW Logistics is one of more than a half-dozen companies in partnership with the MBLE program. Companies such as Vista Industrial, DSW, 31 Gifts, Exel, and Abercrombie & Fitch provide the program with projects, internships, executives lecturers, and jobs, said program director David Widdifield.

At ODW, student teams worked on two projects. One was an inventory slotting analysis for a major food account. This project involved several sub projects ranging from inventory velocity and storage medium reviews to facility layout and design. A second project consisted of a review of packaging line processes for a large e-commerce operation.

“Our experience is that the MBLE students are technologically advanced, allowing us to discuss concepts that they can bring to life through the development of databases and data analysis tools,” said Petticrew. “These tools have enhanced our abilities to make information driven decisions.”

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