New Global Programs Keep Fisher on Leading Edge

Fisher students traveled to Australia and Costa Rica as part of two new programs offered within the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER).

“The addition of new country opportunities to international program offerings demonstrates Fisher’s ability to respond to the rapidly changing global business climate.”

Melissa Torres, executive director, International Programs Office and CIBER

The Australia Summer Program enabled 21 undergraduate students to study international marketing and international human resources through classes taught by professors in Sydney. In addition to in-country course work, students gained global work through internships.

“Australia has most recently begun identifying itself as part of Asia,” said Stephen Hills, academic director of CIBER. “Rapidly growing ties between Australia and China show just how much the new identity has become a reality. Australia is a dynamic place for Fisher students to study international business and to work in a unique global business setting.”

The Working Spanish for Business initiative, meanwhile, prepares MBA students to work in Spanish-speaking business environments. The course utilizes a combination of interactive technology, classroom instruction, conversation hours, and in-country immersion in Costa Rica.

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