Individual Gifts of Note

Last year, gifts by Fisher alumni and friends helped fund student scholarships and fellowships, faculty research, undergraduate and graduate program enhancements, research and business partnership centers, as well as emerging priorities of the college.

James (MBA ’81) and Melissa Allen continued to give to The James R. and Melissa S. Allen Graduate Scholarship Fund, an endowment established this year.

Joseph Alutto and Carol Newcomb continued to support the Joseph Alutto MBA Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for MBA students.

Pat Aveni continued her support of scholarships for students studying entrepreneurship.

Marilynn and the late John Berry Sr. supported Fisher College of Business through their estate.

Arnold Blaine (BSBA ’49) made a gift to the Fisher College of Business Fund which is dedicated to supporting new initiatives and priorities of the college, through collaborative discussion with business community, faculty and students, to transform ideas into action.

Harold Gene Buchanan II (BA ’86) committed support to the Accounting Honors program with a pledge to the Thomas J. Burns Accounting Honors Endowment.

The Thomas J. Burns Trust supported the Thomas J. Burns Accounting Honors Endowment Fund established this year. This endowment will support the Accounting Honors Program and the Accounting Honors students.

Thomas and Joanne Calabro continued their support of the Calabro Family Dean’s Innovation Fund which was endowed this year. This fund will be used for emerging priorities in the Fisher College of Business.

Robert Cropper and his late wife, Mary Jo Cropper (BS ’63), continued their support of The Cropper Family Graduate Scholarship Fund.

Through their estate, Philip (BSBA ’43) and Marian Ewing established the Philip M. Ewing Innovation Fund to support activities of the faculty, students, and staff of the Max M. Fisher College of Business.

John (BA ’70) and Bebe (BA ’69) Finn established the endowed John and Bebe Finn MBA Scholarship Fund and also supported the Dean’s Advisory Council Fund.

Sander and Mechele Flaum supported the annual Sander Flaum Leadership Speaker Series.

Karl Frey (BSBA ’89) continued his support of the Accounting Honors program by giving to the Thomas J. Burns Accounting Honors Endowment.

Kevin M. Gadd (BA ’94) committed support for the newly created Undergraduate Business Plan Competition.

Timothy (BSBA ’90) and Jennifer (BA ’93) Gallagher continued their support of Fisher and made gifts to the Undergraduate Business Cluster Program and to the Timothy and Jennifer Gallagher Dean’s Innovation Fund.

Randy Gerber (BSBA ’90) continued his support of the Initiative for Managing Services.

Terrence (MBA ’83) and CeCe Geremski continued their support of Fisher and made gifts to establish the Terrence E. and Cecelia M. Geremski Innovation Fund.

John B. Gerlach Family has made additional gifts to the John B. Gerlach Medalist Scholarship Fund in support of undergraduate students.

George (BSBA ’74) and Kay Hofmeister committed support to Fisher College of Business through their estate.

David T. Kollat continued his support of the marketing and logistics program.

Tim (Exec MBA ’07) and Alice McCarthy continued support of the Business of Good Scholarship used to provide a scholarship to a non-profit administrator who is enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the Fisher College of Business.

Tim (BA ’70, MBA ’76) and Lindy (BS ’70) Michael continued their support of graduate scholarships for students having served in the U.S. military.

Steve D. Milligan (BSBA ’85) established the Stephen D. and Anne O. Milligan Accounting Education Innovation Fund which provides support for projects or activities of undergraduate accounting students with preference given to students involved in international/technology oriented projects and activities.

Martin C. (BSBA ’79) and Jean Murrer continued support for the Martin and Andrew Murrer Professorship in Finance as well as support for Technology Commercialization and for the Fisher College of Business Advancement Fund.

Marjorie M. Neubig (BSBA ’48) continued support for the Hermann C. Miller Memorial endowed fund which provides scholarships in the Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems to graduates preparing for careers in teaching college accounting.

Norman (BA ’60) and Sandy Pessin continued their support of The Norman and Sandy Pessin “Wall Street” Fund which assists the alumni engagement opportunities and the career placement of Fisher graduates in New York City, Chicago, and the major financial markets.

Jason Pitstick (BSBA ‘91) has continued his support of the Initiative for Managing Services.

Lawrence (BSBA ’69) and Julia Pollock continued support for the Lawrence and Julia Pollock Dean’s Innovation Fund used by the dean to promote initiatives by the faculty and staff designed to increase the quality of teaching, research, and involvement with the business community.

Corbett and Chrystie Price have continued support of the Corbett Price Scholarship fund which supports educational diversity at the University.

David (BSBA ’58) and Anne Rismiller continued their support of the David A. Rismiller Dean’s Innovation Fund and the David A. Rismiller Chair in Finance.

Jeffrey (MBA ’76) and Christine Rodek supported the Jeffrey R. Rodek Fund for Information Technology used for enhancements to the Fisher College of Business’s information technology infrastructure and the Jeffrey R. Rodek Innovation Fund used to support activities of the faculty, students, and staff of the Max M. Fisher College of Business.

Jim (MBA ’72) and Sharon Rohr established The James and Sharon Rohr Innovation Fund for use by the dean in support of activities of faculty, students, and staff in accordance with the strategic plans of college.

Robert R. and Stephany Ruffolo Jr. established the Robert R. Ruffolo Jr. Undergraduate Scholarship Fund which assists undergraduate students who are pursuing a business major (or minor) and a major (or minor) in an area of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Dan and Patricia Sanders established The Nicholas John Sanders Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of their son Nick Sanders (MAcc ’06). The scholarship will be used to recruit students to the Master of Accounting program or for students already enrolled in the program.

Craig E. Schneier (BSBA ’69) and Lance W. Schneier (BSBA ’71) established the Schneier Family Undergraduate Scholarship Fund to support undergraduate business students from Stark County or northeastern Ohio who are majoring in finance.

The Stolle Family, Gail Stolle Norris, Sandra Stolle Perry, and the late Mary Jo Stolle Cropper continued their support of the Ralph J. Stolle Scholarship in Business which is a significant, renewable scholarship for graduates of Lebanon City High School who are majoring in business.

Judy (BSBA ’68; MA ’75; PhD ‘91) and Thomas Tansky continued her support of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Fisher and created The Dr. Judy Tansky and Thomas J. Tansky Social Entrepreneurship Fund.

Christine A. Poon and Michael F. Tweedle continued their support to Fisher College of Business for new initiatives and priorities of the college.

Jesse (MBA ’76) and Cheryl Tyson continued to support The Jesse J. Tyson MBA Scholarship Fund.

Through the estate of the late, Col. Jay (J.C.) (BSBA ’59) Van Bloom, The Van Bloom Family MBA Scholarship Fund was established to support business students who have served in the United States military.

Robert (MBA ’64; PhD ’68) and Missy Weiler continued to support MBA students with The Robert Weiler MBA Scholarship Fund.

Tony R. and Dana Wells (BSBA ’82) supported the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Doug (BSBA ’82) and Janis Weintraub continued support of the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Thomas L. Wheeler, III (BE ENG ’55) continued to support to the Center for Entrepreneurship internships for MBA, graduate, and undergraduate students.

William Wolfson (BSBA ’48) continued his support of the Rosalind W. Wolfson Scholarship Fund for assistance of undergraduate business students.

Don Yannias (BSBA ’79, MBA ’81) continued to support the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Robert (MA ’71, MBA ’73, PhD ’74) and Anne Zerbst continued to support The Robert H. Zerbst MBA Scholarship Fund.

James M. (BSBA ’75) and B. Sue Zinn continued support of the Ernst & Young Endowment for Excellence in Accounting Education which promotes innovations and excellence in accounting.

The generosity of our alumni and friends provides resources to bridge the gaps between financial aid and student needs, provides critical funding for faculty research, and provides seed money for innovative programs across the college. The Max M. Fisher College of Business thanks and recognizes the following alumni and friends who made gifts or pledges totaling $1,000 and above between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.

Douglas J. Abbott (BSBA ’82)

Michael (BSBA ’79) and Colleen Abdalian

Howard (BS ’77) and Judith (BSBA ’77) Abromowitz

Raymond V. Accettura (BSBA ’69)

Kenneth and Eugenia Ackerman

Jan Ahrens (MBA ’96)

Nadia Alaudini (BSBA ’87)

Jim (MBA ’81) and Missy Allen

Jennifer L. Altamuro

Joseph Alutto and Carol Newcomb

Michael (BSBA ’84) and Rebecca (BS ’83) Amon

Harry (BSBA ’70, MA ’72) and Patricia Apostolos

Robert and Joan Aronson

Anil Arya and Bade Guney

Richard Aschman (BSBA ’72) and Kathleen Holoubek

Takumi Ashida (BSBA ’99)

Joan C. Ashley

Mark (BSBA ’78) and Mary Ashley

Pat Aveni

Liz Ayers

James (BSBA ’54) and Christine Baechle

Craig (BSBA ’86) and Nancy Bahner

Donald and Linda Barger

Phillip (BSBA ’65, JD ’68) and Mitzi Barrett

Ned (BSBA ’50) and Jane (BSBA ’51) Barthelmas

Stanley (BSBA ’69) and Patricia Bazan

Brian (BSBA ’89) and Deborah (MS ’87, PhD ’91) Benyo

Alan (BSBA ’75) and Bonni Berger

James L. Bergman (BSBA ’77) and Donna L. Sawan (BSBA ’78)

Teri (M ’85, EMBA ’04) and Mark Berliner

Harry (BSBA ’72) and Cynthia (BS ’85) Beyoglides

Stephen (BSBA ’70) and Patricia (BS ’70, BA ’70) Biegel

George (BSBA ’69) and Ruby Biehl

Christian (BA ’93) and Mary (BA ’00) Blackwell

Arnold Blaine (BSBA ’49)

Tamara (BSBA ’83) and Stephen (BS ’75) Blowers

David (MBA ’71) and Susan Boyle

Leslie L. (BSBA ’65) and Geraldine (BS ’64) Brandon

Joanne Bratush (BSBA ’71)

James and Lynn Brocksmith

Fred and Paula Brothers

Stacy Alan Brovitz (BSBA ’81) and Lori Grandon

Harold G. Buchanan II (BSBA ’86)

Robert (BSBA ’48, MBA ’49) and Bette Buchanan

Brian (BSBA ’79) and Beth Bucher

Michael Burda (MBA ’93)

Tom and Joanne Calabro

Kevin Callahan (BSBA ’87)

Lisa Carney (BSBA ’87) and Steve Fiorino (BSBA ’87)

Max Carrier (BSBA ’80)

Bill (BSBA ’74) and Deborah Carter

Gregg Chalecki (BSBA ’67)

Geoffrey and Catherine Chatas

Glenn C. Christenson (MBA ’73)

Amy (BSBA ’83) and John (BSBA ’84) Chronis

Kerry and Norah Clark

S. David (BSBA ’64) and Dorthea Cohen

Ken (BSBA ’65, MBA ’72) and Caretha Coleman

Chris (BA ’78) and Sara Connor

Donald P. Conover (BSBA ’38)

Martha C. Cooper (PhD ’82)

Robert and Mary Jo (BS ’63) Cropper

Barbara (BSBA ’87) and Anthony Cuilwik

Arthur and Nancy Cullman

Jeffrey and Annette Cullman

Clayt (MBA ’74) and Meredythe Daley

Harold Davis (BSBA ’47)

Jacquelyn Daylor (BSBA ’89)

Jim (MBA ’55) and Ruth Decker

Stephen (BSBA ’54) and Mary Deibel

Edward L. De Laet (MBA ’00)

Betty Ann Denney

Duane (BSBA ’73) and Lynn (BS ’73) Dennis

J. Richard and Carolyn Dietrich

Philip Diniz (MBA ’81)

Stephany DiYanni (BSBA ’08)

Steven (BSBA ’87) and Elizabeth (BS ’88, MS ’92) Eastwood

Roland (BSBA ’59) and Linda (K ’63) Eisenberg

Buzz (MBA ’72) and Barri Ellis

Shawn E. Endsley (MBA ’92)

Ruann Ernst (BS ’68, MA ’69, PhD ’77) and Bill Riffle

Kathy Esselburn

David (MBA ’01) and Tracy (MBA ’01) Evans

Douglas (BSBA ’77, MD ’84) and Rebecca (MD ’84) Ewing

Stuart (BSBA ’86) and Tamara Fagin

Bob (BSBA ’65) and Deedee (K ’65) Fair

John (MAcc ’67) and Elizabeth Fazio

DeNeal (BSBA ’53) and Esther Feldman

John (BA ’70) and Bebe (BA ’69) Finn

Daniel (BSBA ’88) and Catherine Finneran

Phillip Wm. and Lauren Fisher

Sander (BA ’58) and Mechele Flaum

Jospeh M. Fodor (BSBA ’93)

Lillian K. Fornof (K ’36)

James J. Rice Jr. (BSBA ’98) and Amy Forsythe

Mary Anne Fox (BSBA ’80)

Karl (BSBA ’89) and Margaret Frey

Michael and Phyllis Fritz

Damon (BSBA ’96) and Karyn (BSBA ’97) Frost

Letitia Fulkerson (BSBA ’83)

Ryan B. Furmick (MBA ’05)

Kevin M. Gadd (BA ’94)

Tim (BSBA ’90) and Jennifer (BA ’93) Gallagher

Debra Gallo (BA ’77, MBA ’90)

Carol Andreae (MA ’72) and James P. Garland II

Steve Garn (BSBA ’88)

Brad Gastwirth (BSBA ’00)

George (BSBA ’71) and Michelle Geissbuhler

Randy (BSBA ’90) and Emily Gerber

Terry (MBA ’83) and CeCe Geremski

Jay (BSBA ’76) and Aleusha Gerlach

Elyse (BSBA ’87) and Brian Gilbert

Bryan (BSBA ’96) and Andra Gillum

Jim Ginter and Ida Copenhaver

John (BSBA ’78) and Candy Gioffre

Del (BSBA ’61) and Marianne Glanz

Richard H. Goertemiller (BSBA ’50)

Larry (BSBA ’63) and Jordan Goldberg

Kirthi Govindarajan (MBA ’83)

Robert and Mary Grace

J. R. (BSBA ’71) and Christi Green

Lance (BSBA ’73) and Regina Grether

Archie (BSBA ’76) and Bonita Griffin

Derek A. Guenther (MBA ’07)

Michael (BSBA ’73) and Cecilia Halter

Robert M. Harbrecht (MBA ’72)

Sandra Werth Harbrecht (MA ’74, MBA ’82) and Robin Ratchford

Michael (BSBA ’74) and Teresa (BS ’76) Harding

Michael Harrington (MBA ’84)

David (BSBA ’90) and Tina (BS ’92) Heard

Kristin A. Heffner

Ralph W. Heffner (BS ’76)

William G. Heffner

Douglas M. Hesche (BSBA ’85)

Michael (B ’64, MBA ’65, MS ’67) and Judith Heschel

William (BSBA ’74, MBA ’76) and Ronna High

Larry (BSBA ’78) and Cindy (BSBA ’79) Hilsheimer

George (BSBA ’74) and Kay Hofmeister

Beverly (BSBA ’82) and Robert Hottois

James Houpt (BSBA ’94) and Lona Miller (BS ’00)

Michael J. Howard (MBA ’76)

Michael (BSBA ’92) and Kelly Jach

Bill D. Jackson (BSBA ’78)

Dave (BSBA ’84) and Brenda (BS ’85) Jacobs

Matthew (MBA ’03) and Rachel (BS ’03) Jenkins

Daniel (PhD ’70) and Carolyn (BSBA ’64, MA ’84) Jensen

Dennis P. Jesse (BSBA ’84)

Michael (BSBA ’74) and Vicki Johnson

Jason (BSBA ’93) and Stephanie Jones

Richard (BSBA ’59) and Constance Jones

Kenneth (BSBA ’51) and Melba Kabelka

Richard (BSBA ’64) and Bess (BA ’64) Kaplan

Gary (EMBA ’05) and Teresa Katz

Ann (BSBA ’57) and Ronald (B ’56) Kegarise

Jason (BSBA ’94) and Heather (BSBA ’95) Kelly

Jim Kennedy (MA ’73, MBA ’75)

Ronald S. Kerr (BSBA ’86)

Sonja (BSBA ’85) and Gerald (BSBA ’87) Kesselring

Bill (BSBA ’60) and Susan Killgallon

Reuben B. Klamer (BSBA ’44)

Jay J. Klauminzer II (BSBA ’01)

Anthony and Constance Klisan

Ronald (BSBA ’72) and Susan Knape

David T. Kollat

Kevin M. Korney (BSBA ’91)

Sondra Kowaluk (BSBA ’76)

Nancy Kramer (BA ’77) and Christopher Celeste

George (BSBA ’65) and Nancy Krull

Peter (BSBA ’80) and Mary Alive Krzystek

Christopher (BSBA ’68) and Lois (BS ’66) Kuhns

Bill La Place (BSBA ’51, MBA ’53)

Bernard and Barbara LaLonde

Bruce G. LaLonde (MBA ’85)

Doug (PhD ’75) and Lynne Lambert

Sharon (BSBA ’86) and John Lamprinakos

David and Bette Lauer

Gerald (BSBA ’54) and Janet Lawhun

Vicki L. Lawrence

Thomas C. Lawson (BSBA ’77)

John H. Lee (MBA ’94)

Ryan D. Lepene (BSBA ’99)

Marvin (MA ’65, PhD ’67) and Joyce Light

Ed (BSBA ’49) and Glenna Lopina

Bob (BSBA ’67) and Carolyn Lowrie

Julie A. Luckman (BSBA ’99)

Tina Lundgren (BSBA ’88, MBA ’90)

Nancy (BS ’62) and Tom Lurie

Joyce Mace (BSBA ’84)

Steve and Troba Mangum

Alexander and Shakeh Mardikian

Kitty (BSBA ’72) and Dan Mayer

Samantha (BSBA ’94) and Scott McCammon

Tim (BA ’75, EMBA ’07) and Alice (BS ’73) McCarthy

William (BSBA ’82) and Jennifer McCloy

Donald McCue and Carol Koracin

John (BSBA ’83) and Nancy McEwan

Sean (BSBA ’91) and Diane McKee

Jim (BSBA ’88) and Suzanne McNulty

Steve (BSBA ’61) and Martie (K ’64) Mehallis

Steven P. Merriett (BSBA ’91)

Edward Metzger (BSBA ’87)

Chris Meyer (MBA ’93)

William L. Meyer (BSBA ’68)

Lauri (BSBA ’99) and Robert (BSBA ’00) Meyers

Tim (BA ’70, MBA ’76) and Lindy (BS ’70) Michael

Chris Miller (BSBA ’75)

Fred (BSBA ’62) and Ruth Miller

Steve (BSBA ’85) and Anne Milligan

Sam (BSBA ’91) and Paula Millit

Robert E. Minnear Sr. (BSBA ’50)

Edward (BSBA ’89) and Karen (BS ’90) Mitchell

Moe (BSBA ’75, MBA ’76) and Peggy (BS ’75) Modecki

Michael Moran

Peter (MBA ’92) and Kimberly Motta

Martin (BSBA ’79) and Jean (BS ’80) Murrer

Sandra E. Neddoff (BSBA ’98)

Carl (BSBA ’67) and Linda (BS ’66) Nelson

Marjorie M. Neubig (BSBA ’48, BA ’48)

Robert Nicholson (BSBA ’09)

Gail Stolle Norris (BA ’59)

Robert (BSBA ’70) and Jari (M ’03) Novotny

Lionel L. Nowell III (BSBA ’76)

Jim (BSBA ’66) and Sue Oates

Jim (BSBA ’76, MBA ’78) and Kathy O’Brien

Frank Oliveti (BSBA ’81)

Eric (MBA ’06) and Jill Olwert

Ed (BS ’61) and Mary Jane Overmyer

George (BSBA ’55) and Ginger Palmer

Tim Paridon (BSBA ’07)

Sandra Stolle (BS ’57) and Donald Perry

Norman (BA ’60) and Sandra Pessin

Floradelle A. Pfahl

Lee (BSBA ’77) and Vicki Pickering

David (BSBA ’72) and Janet (BS ’73) Pierson

Jason (BSBA ’91) and Katharine (BA ’91) Pitstick

Larry (BSBA ’69) and Julia Pollock

Christine Poon and Michael Tweedle

Corbett (MS ’75) and Chrystie Price

Mark Quinlan (MBA ’92, MA ’94) and Catherine Schmidt (MD ’92)

Monte Repasky (BSBA ’89)

Terasa Jo Ridgway (BSBA ’86)

David (BSBA ’58) and Anne (MA ’66) Rismiller

Karen (BSBA ’90) and Mike (BSBA ’91) Ritenour

Sally (BSBA ’91) and Michael (BSBA ’98) Roberts

Curtis (BSBA ’77) and Peggy Robson

Jeff (BS ’75, MBA ’76) and Christine (BS ’75) Rodek

Paul (BSBA ’91) and Jeana (BS ’90) Rogers

Jim (MBA ’72) and Sharon Rohr

Carl Rosberg (BSBA ’78)

Joseph (BSBA ’77, JD ’80, MBA ’82) and Kristin Rosenbaum

William Rosenbaum (BSBA ’79)

Tarn (MBA ’87) and Delita ( BA ’87, M ’95) Rosenbaum

Bruce (BSBA ’60) and Nancy Roser

Robert and Charlotte Ross

Bryan (BSBA ’66) and Judith Roub

David (MBA ’93) and Sara (BSBA ’93, MBA ’93) Royer

Robert (BS ’73, PhD ’76) and Stephany Ruffolo

Paul (BSBA ’51) and Patricia Rupp

Sandra L. Russ (BSBA ’66)

Beth Ann Jolliff-Sachs (BSBA ’87) and Steve Sachs

Jennifer (BSBA ’85, MBA ’89) and Steven (BSBA ’86, MBA ’88) Salopek

Patricia and Dan Sanders

Sharon (BSBA ’99) and Mark (BS ’00) Sanitra

Suzanne M. Scharer (BSBA ’06)

Julie Schiff

Douglas (BSBA ’94) and Lori (BS ’94) Schneider

Lance (BSBA ’71) and Susan Schneier

Craig Schneier (BSBA’69) and Rosena Marley

David (MBA ’94) and Laura Schoettmer

Paul (BSBA ’67) and Dorothy Schwebel

Ami G. Scott (BSBA ’94, MBA ’94)

Lauren (BSBA ’99) and Kevin Seckel

Fred (BA ’43) and Stephanie Secrest

Dawn Severt (BSBA ’86)

Don (DRH ’98) and Tekkie (MA ’69) Shackelford

Ty Shepfer (BSBA ’07, MLHR ’09)

Ralph Sheridan (BS ’73, MBA ’74) and Anne Steer

Clifton (BSBA ’74) and Diane Sickles

Denis (BSBA ’69) and Denise Simon

Jason (BSBA ’95) and Sara (BS ’96) Sipos

Edward (BSBA ’83) and Mary (BS ’88) Siska

Brian A. Sivy (BSBA ’92)

John (BSBA ’89) and Ann (BSBA ’95) Slyh

Robert (BSBA ’49) and Marjorie Smith

Jeffrey (BSBA ’94) and Tamara (BSBA ’94) Splain

Michael Stan (BA ’75) and Sally Fingerett

Michael (BSBA ’81) and Deborah (BS ’81) Stanko

Charles (BSBA ’76) and Sandra Stanton

Mitchell Steenrod (BSBA ’88)

Ray (BSBA ’59, MBA ’67) and Ellyn Stevenson

David and Karen Stewart

Mark Stewart (BSBA ’79)

John (BSBA ’73, MBA ’74) and Carol (BS ’75) Stinson

Mel (BSBA ’77) and Jodi Strine

Vicki A. Swinford (MBA ’94)

Judy (BS ’68, MAcc ’75, PhD ’91) and Thomas Tansky

Sue Dell Thoman

Jimmy (BSBA ’79) and Melinda (BS ’81) Thomas

Lee and Catherine Thomas

Kathi (BSBA ’89) and Michael (BSBA ’90) Thompson

John and Joyce Tighe

Leonard Tomlin (MA ’84)

John A. Toth III (BSBA ’79)

Steven Trulaske (MA ’80, MBA ’82)

Jesse (MBA ’76) and Cheryl Tyson

Greg Ubert

Richard (BSBA ’78) and Kathy Ueltschy

Jay (BSBA ’59) and Mary Rita Van Bloom

James (BSBA ’67) and Sue Vanderbrink

Ronald (BSBA ’73) and Judith Vasko

Sandra (BSBA ’85) and Gregory Vlahos

Bill Vogelgesang (BSBA ’79, MBA ’81)

Clyde K. Walter Jr. (MBA ’65, PhD ’72)

Peter T. Ward

Takeo (MBA ’94) and Karin (MBA ’94) Watanabe

Charles and Barbara Webb

Bob (MA ’64, PhD ’65) and Missy Weiler

Doug (BSBA ’82) and Janis (BS ’82) Weintraub

Dana (BSBA ’82) and Tony Wells

Susan (BA ’81) and Timothy Welsh

Dan (BSBA ’67) and Annabelle Westerbeck

Tom (BE ENG ’55) L. Wheeler, III

Todd (BSBA ’84) and Lisa (BSBA ’85) White

Terri White-Gregory (BSBA ’85)

Lee H. Whitley (BSBA ’86)

Alfred and Frances Arant (BSBA ’45) Wilhelm

Douglas (BSBA ’86, MBA ’90) and Lisa Winget

William M. Wolfson (BSBA ’48)

Karen Hopper Wruck

Don Yannias (BSBA ’79, MBA ’81)

Paul T. Yin (BSBA ’67)

Peter (BSBA ’87) and Jill York

Gordon (BSBA ’55) and Carol (K ’58) Zacks

Dirk (BSBA ’63, MBA ’66) and Jean Zeiters

Robert (MA ’71, MBA ’73, PhD ’74) and Anne Zerbst

Teresa Ziegler (MBA ’88) and David Williams

William H. Zimmer Jr. (BSBA ’52)

Jim (BSBA ’75) and Sue (BS ’78) Zinn

Italics indicates deceased

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