Morris Awarded, Focuses on Workplace “Stars”
In August 2010, Fisher faculty member Shad Morris was awarded the International HRM Scholarly Research Award by the Academy of Management’s Human Resource Division.

The award was for a study led by Morris on how global firms struggle to replicate practices among culturally and geographically dispersed subsidiaries.

Inside the Research

“Global Challenges to Replicating HR: The Role of People, Processes, and Systems”

Morris’s interest in how companies manage human capital and social capital within their organizations also led to his distinctive research on “star employees.”

While research in the past has primarily looked at how people become standouts in an organization, Morris’s work centers on what happens after they’ve achieved “star” status.

For example: “Catching Falling Stars: A Human Response to Social Capital’s Detrimental Effect of Information Overload on Valuable and Visible Employees” accepted by The Academy of Management Review, examines the adverse effects of information overload on star employees — and the ways in which human resource management can minimize those effects.

Shad Morris

Shad Morris

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