Associate Professor Mona V. Makhija

Research: Makhija studies international strategy as well as organizational knowledge development and learning, and organizational structure and control systems. Recently, she co-authored a study on how employees in the same manufacturing firm processed information within different organizational structures: mechanistic (coordinated by rules and regulations) and organic (few stipulations) – and how the structures affected problem solving orientation.

Quote: “The question is really about how firms manage knowledge, and my work deals with that issue domestically and internationally. Even a manufacturing firm is managing knowledge to a productive end. Increasingly, we’re thinking of firms as knowledge management entities.”

Activities: “Reconsidering the Role of Individuals in the Information Processing Perspective” has been accepted by the Strategic Management Journal. Makhija also presented her work to international audiences in 2010-2011 – from the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Montreal to the Academy of International Business Annual Meeting in Nagoya, Japan.

Mona V. Makhija

Mona V. Makhija

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