Barney, Shenkar Receive Prestegious International Awards
Oded Shenkar receives award
Oded Shenkar (right), Ford Motor Company Chair in Global Business Management, receives the Decade Award from the The Journal of International Business Studies at the Academy of International Business annual conference in Nagoya, Japan.

Professors Jay Barney and Oded Shenkar, long recognized as leaders in their respective fields, joined esteemed lists of international award winners during the 2010-2011 academic year.

Barney, Chase Chair for Excellence in Corporate Strategy, was awarded the Scholarly Contributions to Management Award by the Academy of Management — the “most distinguished award given for scholarship at the Academy,” said David Greenberger, chair of the Department of Management and Human Resources. The Academy recognized Barney’s extensive body of research over his almost 30-year career as having made a “significant impact upon management knowledge and practice.”

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Shenkar, Ford Motor Company Chair in Global Business Management, received the prestigious Decade Award from the Journal of International Business Studies for his widely cited article “Cultural Distance Revisited: Towards a More Rigorous Conceptualization and Measurement of Cultural Differences.” The annual award recognizes the most influential paper published in the journal 10 years prior. The selection committee noted that Shenkar’s work, “pushes us to think harder about culture and its effects, is grippingly well-written” and “remains highly relevant even 10 years after its publication.”

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“Cultural distance revisited: Towards a more rigorous conceptualization and measurement of cultural differences”

Jay Barney

Jay Barney

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