Allenby scores a triple-play in a tier one marketing journal
Greg Allenby

It’s not often that an academic publishes three research articles in a leading journal in a single year, much less in a single issue. Yet Greg Allenby, Helen C. Kurtz Chair in Marketing, accomplished the feat by coauthoring a trio of articles in the January-February 2011 issue of Marketing Science.

“This academic ‘hat-trick’ is a very rare occurrence in a top journal. This type of achievement contributes to the overall reputation of Fisher.”

Walter Zinn, chair of the Department of Marketing and Logistics

Allenby’s research focuses on the development and application of Bayesian statistical methods in marketing. All three articles — “Identifying Unmet Demand,” “The Effect of Media Advertising on Brand Consideration and Choice,” and “Bayesian Analysis of Hierarchical Effects” — use Bayesian modeling to examine various consumer preferences.

In all, Allenby was a coauthor of five articles published in Marketing Science in 2010-2011.

Allenby’s Hat Trick

Allenby’s articles in the issue January-February 2011 issue of Marketing Science included:

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