Ohio State Tax Clinic Helps Families, Boosts Economy
students volunteering at Fisher Tax Clinic
Accounting students prepare a tax return at Fisher’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance clinic.

Corporate recruiters have taken notice of students who have volunteered their time at Fisher’s Tax Clinic.

Jessica Barnhart, an accounting major, credited both her classes and her tax clinic work at Godman Guild Community Center for helping her land a job at Ernst & Young.

Barnhart and more than 20 other students gave up a portion of their weekends during the winter quarter to provide free tax preparation at Fisher’s clinic sponsored by the federal government’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. The practice was started eight years ago by William Raabe, a faculty member in the Department of Accounting and MIS. Raabe recruits student volunteers, like Barnhart, directly from his tax course.

“It’s interesting to take that knowledge from the individual tax class and apply it to everyone’s tax return this year and see how it actually works. I now have a lot of experience working with clients.”

Jessica Barnhart, student

Many of the volunteers said giving back to the community also lured them to the tax clinic.

“Every client is memorable,” said Anna Kwok, an Honors Accounting senior and finance major. “When you tell them how much they are getting back from their federal tax, when you see the big smile on their face it’s all worth it–volunteering the four to five hour time commitment.”

Tax Clinic Video

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Faculty Expertise

William Raabe Video Preview - Click Image to play video

William Raabe, senior lecturer of accounting, talks about refunds, doing away with Form 1040, and how to solve state budget problems.

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