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Class Profile Rankings On-Campus Recruiting
Enrollment: 5899 all UBUS, 4076 major only U.S. News and World Report, 2010 as of August 1, 2010
Average GPA: 3.21 16th overall, 7th among public universities $48,174 average starting salary
Honors Program: 191 5th Supply Chain Management and Logistics $4,276 average signing bonus
Female: 37% 6th Production and Operations Management
Minority: 13% 11th Finance Internships as of August 1, 2010
International: 12.8% 11th Accounting $2,568 average monthly salary
13th Marketing
22nd Management
BusinessWeek, 2010
59th in the nation
Public Accounting Report 2008
6th in the nation


Full-Time MBA Rankings Working Professional MBA
Class of 2010 Profile U.S. News and World Report, 2011 Program Rankings
Enrollment: 143 21st overall, 6th among public universities U.S. News and World Report, 2011
Average Age: 27 8th Supply Chain Management and Logistics 10th in the nation
Average GMAT: 674 10th Production and Operations
Female: 26.6% 17th Accounting BusinessWeek, 2009
Minority: 19.8% 23rd Finance 20th in the nation
International: 32.8% from 17 different countries
Wall Street Journal, 2007 Employment Success
MBA for Working Professionals Profile 3rd nationally among schools with strong Full-Time MBA Class of 2010
Enrollment: 109 regional recruiting bases as of September 1, 2010
Average Age: 29 Starting Average Salary: $81,633.07
Average GMAT: 593 Economist Intelligence Unit, 2008 Average Signing Bonus: $13,579.05
Female: 24.8% 43rd worldwide, 24th in the U.S., 7th
Minority: 11% among public business schools Percentage of Class with
International: 3.5% Accepted Offers: 80%
11th in the number of jobs secured three
months after graduation
12th in increase of salary after graduation
17th in education experience
27th in ability to open up new career
opportunities for graduating students
BusinessWeek, 2008
Among 15 schools listed in the second tier
The Financial Times, 2010
67th worldwide, 40th in the U.S.
Aspen Institute, 2009
24th in the Beyond Grey Pinstripes Social and
Environmental Stewardship Global 100


Class of 2010 Profile Rankings Top Companies Hiring
Enrollment: 86 U.S. News and World Report, 2010 MAcc Graduates
Average GPA: 3.65 12th in the nation, 5th among Abercrombie & Fitch
Average GMAT: 646 public universities Cardinal Health
Female: 45.3% Crowe Horwath
Minority: 9.3% Public Accounting Report, 2009 Deloitte
International: 27.9% from eight 9th in the nation, 6th among Eaton Corporation
different countries public universities Ernst & Young
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Employment Success Key Bank
Average Salary: $51,027 KPMG
Average signing bonus: $3,428 Limited Brands
Plante & Moran
RSM McGladrey


Class of 2010 Profile Employment Success Top Companies Hiring
Enrollment: 43 Average Salary: $62,361 MLHR Graduates
Average GRE Verbal: 475 Average signing bonus: $4,833 ArcelorMittal
Average GRE Quant: 579 Cardinal Health
Female: 74.5% Eaton Corporation
Minority: 21.2% General Mills
International: 13.2% Limited Brands
Enrolled Part-Time: 27% Nestle
Rolls Royce
Shell Oil Company
Wright Patterson Air Force Base
YUM! Brands


Class of 2010 Profile Employment Success Top Companies Hiring
Enrollment: 28 Average Salary: $53,344 MBLE Graduates
Average Age: 27 Bechtel Bettis, Inc.
Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.41 Chainalytics, LLC
Female: 27% Deloitte
Minority: 25% Northrop Grumman Corporation
International: 88.24% Ohio Department of Transportation
Parker Hannifin
Rolls Royce
Wright Patterson Air Force Base


Students: 23
Female: 30%
Minority: 22%
Average Years Work Experience: 18
Segments Represented:

  • Manufacturing: 6
  • Health Care: 4
  • Customer Service/Marketing: 3
  • Education/non-profit: 3
  • Product Development: 3
  • Information Technology: 2
  • Pharmaceutical: 2


Class of 2011 Profile Rankings
Enrollment: 48 BusinessWeek, 2009
Average years of work experience: 14 15th worldwide
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.15
Average Age: 36 Wall Street Journal, 2008
Female: 19% 21st worldwide
Minority: 25% 3rd Return on Investment
Hispanic Trends, 2006
a top 25 program

Executive Education

Economist Intelligence Unit, 2006
2nd highest score for Customized Program
BusinessWeek, 2007
19th worldwide in Customized Curriculum Program
Black Enterprise, 2008
Top 10 most innovative and progressive
programs for the Lean Training
Manager Program


Entering Class of 2009 Rankings
Enrollment: 13 Public Accounting Report, 2009
Average Age: 27 17th Teaching
Female: 30.8% 18th Research
Minority: 30.7%
International: 38.5%
Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.74
Average Total GMAT Score: 736

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