Creating a Culture of Diversity  
At Fisher College of Business, we champion diversity in intellectual thought and perspective. We inspire leadership through passion, integrity, hard work and the desire to succeed. Students join our programs because of the culture we have designed and our emphasis on high-impact teaching and research.

At Fisher, we continually seek to expand ethnic and cultural diversity as a contributor to intellectual diversity – and as a key factor in our success.

Recruitment and Career Management Success

Fisher uses a variety of methods to recruit undergraduate and graduate minority students. The college supports pre-collegiate recruitment programs such as ACAP (Accounting Careers Awareness Program) and Young Scholars Program, which bring high school students to Fisher’s campus where they learn about business careers. At the graduate level, Fisher has a strong presence at the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) conferences, among others. Our student ambassadors make personal contact with prospective students.

Office of Minority Student Services – Educational and Professional Diversity

Fisher’s Office of Minority Student Services offers academic counseling, scholarships, need-based financial aid and tutoring services for minority undergraduate and graduate students and support to campus departments, corporations, companies and agencies which seek to help minority students succeed academically, financially and socially.

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