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Fisher College of Business is proud of the excellence it has achieved in programs of teaching, research, service and outreach.

Among top-ranked schools, we strive to be best in class, serving our mission of knowledge creation and dissemination to develop high-quality graduates who make an impact on the world of business.

Zach and Drake
The accounting profession is a more regulated industry since Sarbanes-Oxley was enacted a decade ago, and potentially a more converged one if U.S. public companies have to adopt international accounting standards in the coming years. Read entire story…
Rene Stulz
In examining the world financial crisis, René M. Stulz and 14 other leading economists believe that the government should require banks and other financial institutions to withhold compensation for top executives that would be forfeited if their firms go bankrupt or receive extraordinary government assistance. Read entire story…
Boyer and Gray
Management Sciences
From U.S. hospitals plagued by preventable medical errors that claim 100,000 lives each year, to pharmaceutical manufacturers that offshore production and face increased risk of quality problems, managing operational quality can be a daunting issue. Read entire story…
Oded Shenkar
Management and Human Resources
Oded Shenkar is used to going against the grain of accepted norms and challenging traditional mindsets. Read entire story…
Greg Allenby
Marketing & Logistics
The economic downturn hit premium brands hard as consumers opted for lower-price alternatives. This was felt across all industries, from consumer goods manufacturer, Proctor & Gamble, to full-service insurer Nationwide Insurance, to high-end retailer Nordstrom. Read entire story…
Tracy Dumas
A listing of Fisher College of Business faculty members. Read more…
Dan Oglevee
Faculty Recognition
A paper co-authored by Greg Allenby, the Helen C. Kurtz Chair in Marketing, was the recipient of the “2010 ISMS Long Term Impact Award” by the INFORMS’ Society for Marketing Science. Read entire story…
Jay Anand
Intellectual Output
A listing of published journal articles, books and book chapters written by Fisher faculty members during the 2009-10 academic year. Read more…
Thomas Bishop
Research and Business Partnership Centers
Every Monday, a multidisciplinary team of OSU students and faculty join Nationwide’s customer insight and analytics group to talk about marketing and business operations research. Read entire story…

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