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Fisher’s Pace Setters Award ceremony honors the college’s top students selected on the basis of academic performance and demonstrated leadership abilities.

The Executive Award recognizes the ideals that we strive to instill in our students. As we help our students grow and develop, it is with the goal of having them someday be the leaders that shape the world.

The Pace Setters Tradition

In 1960, the idea to promote excellence in business education at The Ohio State University began with the graduates of the College of Commerce. That year, 132 business professionals who shared a common interest in encouraging scholarship and leadership within the college joined together to become Pace Setter sponsors.

In 1961, Pace Setters sponsored its first awards ceremony to honor the college’s top business students. Later, four awards were established for special recognition. Since then, additional awards have been established to recognize excellence in research, teaching and service among faculty, as well as to honor unique accomplishments of students in leadership, scholarship and athletics.

Pace Setter sponsors annually recognize the college’s top students, who are selected on the basis of academic performance and demonstrated leadership ability. Nominated and voted upon by faculty, staff and peers, these undergraduate and graduate students receive certificates, pins and scholarships at the spring ceremony.

The Pace Setters Annual Student Awards and Scholarship Ceremony is when Pace Setter sponsors, student award and scholarship winners, parents, faculty and staff enjoy each other in the celebration of excellenc

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