Max M. Fisher College of Business
2010 Annual Report
Time and Change

From a rapidly shifting job landscape and bank consolidation to executive compensation, health care reform and the coming economic recovery…2009 was a year of unprecedented change.

Into this environment, we saw core values and mindsets challenged, and the way in which companies operate individually and with other institutions redefined throughout the business world.

While some organizations turned inward, Fisher College of Business looked outward, leading the dialogue, asking the hard questions and being a collaborative partner in an increasingly borderless world.

With its world-class faculty, ground-breaking research and an increasingly multidisciplinary curriculum focused on preparing students for new challenges in a fast-evolving workplace, Fisher has, above all, remained relevant in a changed world.

In this year’s Annual Report, “Time and Change,” we will contrast some of the most provocative business headlines of the past year with how Fisher’s dynamic faculty, students, donors, business partners and alumni have stepped up, offering fresh insights and serving as a force for change in the coming recovery.

2009-2010 Year in Review

2009-2010 Year in Review

A look back at the events, competitions, classes and programs that The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business students experienced on campus and around the world during the 2009-2010 academic year.

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