Pace Setters Awards
Walter M. Rudin Junior Award

The Walter M. Rudin Junior Award is presented each year to the most outstanding junior undergraduate student in the college. Established in 1982, the award recognizes academic and leadership excellence. It is named in honor of Walter Rudin, a Pace Setters emeritus council member, and commemorates his contributions to Pace Setters.


2019 Jaret Waters
2018 Mason White
2017 Joseph Kline
2016 Caroline Speice
2015 John Renner
2014 Niteesha Kulshrestha
2013 Jonathan Elder
2012 Elizabeth Mangels
2011 Rebecca Reed
2010 Kathryn Deye
2009 Rebecca Fiorini
2008 Tada Yamamoto
2007 Luba Osadchy
2006 Yoonhee Patricia Ha
2005 Christopher Orobosa Igodan
2004 Robert Baugh Sledge III
2003 Nancy Lynn Arnold