Pace Setters Awards
Katherine Porter Allen Prize

The Katherine Porter Allen Prize is presented annually to the outstanding female graduate in business. Katherine Porter Allen, assistant dean and secretary of Fisher College of Business at the time of her death in 1970, was a respected administrator who made significant contributions to the college during her 24 years of dedicated service. This prize was established to honor her memory.


2019 Margaret Meyo
2018 Maria Grund
2017 Victoria Wabler
2016 Susan Vogelgesang
2015 Stephanie Poeppelman
2014 Jessica Braddock
2013 Sarah Hambley
2012 Rebecca Reed
2011 Alexis Swain
2010 Catalina Lizarralde Marino
2009 Ashley Verhoff
2008 Michaela Marie Bailey
2007 Dhriti H Pandhi
2006 Laura Catherine Pratt
2005 Heather Ann Miller
2004 Nancy Lynn Arnold
2003 Keisha Monique Wells