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1. “Financial Statement Errors:  Evidence from the Distributional Properties  of Financial Statement Numbers” with Dan Amiram and Ethan Rouen.  Review of Accounting Studies, Forthcoming. (*Winner of the 2014 AAA FARS Mid-Year Meeting Best Paper Award)


2. “Qualitative Disclosure and Changes in Sell-Side Financial Analysts’ Information Environment” with Maya Thevenot.  Contemporary Accounting Research, Forthcoming.


3. “What Do Management Earnings Forecasts Convey About the Macroeconomy?”

with Sam Bonsall and Paul Fischer.  Journal of Accounting Research, 2013, Vol. 51(2), 225-266.


4. “The Social Constitution of Regulation:  The Endogenization of Insider Trading Laws”

with Mark Dirsmith and Steve Huddart.  Accounting, Organizations, and Society, 2012, Vol. 37(7), 461-481.


5. “Managerial Motivation and Timing of Open Market Share Repurchases” Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2010, Vol. 34(4), 517-531.





1. “Loan Securitizations and Covenant Standardization” with Maria Loumioti and Florin Vasvari


2. “IRS Attention” with Jeff Hoopes, Jake Thornock, and Brady Williams


3. “Qualitative Corporate Disclosure and Credit Analysts’ Soft Rating Adjustments” with Pepa Kraft


4. “Management Earnings Forecasts and Forward-Looking Statements” with Darren Roulstone and Andy Van Buskirk


5. “The SEC Comment Letter Process and Firm Disclosure” with Dick Dietrich and Bret Johnson


6. “The Ex-Ante Monitoring Role of Accounting Covenants in Public Debt”


7. “What Do Forward and Backward-Looking Narratives Add to the Informativeness of Earnings Press Releases?” with Sam Bonsall and Ken Merkley


8. “Private Debt Contract Complexity:  What the Numbers Don’t Tell You” with Lin Cheng and Tzachi Zach


9. “Attributes of Informative Disclosures” with Darren Roulstone and Andy Van Buskirk
















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