Connect. Network.

As an Ohio State Fisher MBA, you’re part of the Buckeye Nation. That means you are connected to one of the world’s largest alumni networks - 500,000 Ohio State graduates and 70,000 Fisher alumni. This remarkable network gives you the potential to gain access to thousands of successful business professionals during your time as a student and throughout your career. 

Our alumni are proud of their Buckeye and Fisher heritage and many of them give generously of their time and other resources to help our students and one another.  At Fisher, we take the time to help connect you with alumni who have the background and experience to help you find your path to success.

Ways to connect

Networking and connecting

Our alumni are continually around campus, lecturing and speaking in classes, recruiting, and networking with students.

Fisher also has a powerful alumni online community called "Ask-an-Alum" that facilitates connections between our current MBA students and engaged alumni around the globe.

Access to placement opportunities

According to a Wall Street Journal survey, nearly two-thirds of corporate recruiters say that an alumni connection is very or somewhat important when they consider schools from which to hire. At Fisher, with our strong alumni connections, we take pride in having more than 300 firms recruit on campus, and many more connect with and hire our students through a Buckeye/Fisher connection.

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Points of Pride

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    Fisher alumni are located across the globe. Being an alum connects you to resources that extend beyond graduate school.