Academic Record

Our applicants, as well as our current student body, have a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. The MBA Admissions Committee does not prefer one course of study or type of degree over another but will look at whether you sought out challenges and opportunities during your previous studies and whether you excelled at them.  

We are aware of differences in educational systems and grading policies between countries and factor this into our assessment of your application.

Academic Credentials

The Ohio State University does not recognize a three-year bachelor’s degree to be comparable to the American bachelor’s degree. One of the basic requirements for admission to Fisher is the completion of an American bachelor’s degree or its equivalent prior to matriculation.


ONE official transcript or record (degree certificate, provisional certificate, mark sheets) of all university academic course work is required for admission to The Ohio State University. Official transcripts are those provided in a sealed envelope by the institution attended. 

Please note

The MBA Admissions Committee will review scanned copies of official transcripts uploaded in your application for evaluation purposes. Ohio State will not accept web reports, advising reports, self-reported scores, or transfer credit on another school’s transcript.

Transcripts should include all work previously completed and work currently in progress. If you are admitted to  Fisher, final official hardcopies of all transcripts will be required prior to enrollment at the university. You should contact each institution you attended and request that one official transcript/record of all courses completed there be sent to the Graduate Admissions Office. If you have taken courses at The Ohio State University, you do not need to submit transcripts for those grades as the Admissions Office will obtain your Ohio State grades directly from the University Registrar’s Office. Separate transcripts must be submitted if you received any transfer credit from another university(ies).

In cases where examination results or grades are not released, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at

Transfer of Credits

We do not transfer credits from other programs, MBA or otherwise. Occasionally, we may have applicants who are concerned that they will already be familiar with business concepts they will learn during their MBA studies at Fisher. However, in addition to the rigor of our MBA program, you will find that our very flexible curriculum gives you the choice of more than 100 electives and allows you to build on your existing knowledge.

Pre-MBA Coursework

There are no pre-requisite courses for the MBA program.  While all classes are taught at the graduate level, no prior knowledge is assumed.  As such, the first couple of weeks of the semester may be a review for some students while serving as an introduction to the subject matter for others. 

Some applicants who have less quantitative experience than others may wish to complete introductory courses or self-study in areas such as statistics, mathematics, or economics prior to starting the MBA program.  This will ensure that you will be able to start on par with those peers who may have a more quantitative background.