FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions frequently asked by prospective MBA students. Many of the answers can be found across the website; however, please review the following inquiries:

Class Time

The Working Professionals MBA is primarily designed for individuals who would like to complete the MBA on a part-time basis in the evenings in order to accommodate their daytime professional obligations. All core, required courses are taught in the evenings.

In the Full-Time MBA program Students take their core, required courses in the daytime. Full-time MBA students may also enroll in evening elective courses.

Time to Completion

The Working Professional MBA track takes about 3 years to complete the degree, assuming students attend class two nights per week.

The Full-Time MBA program is two years.

Work Experience

The Working Professional MBA program places a greater emphasis on post-baccalaureate work experience than the FTMBA program, as students on average have 7 years of incoming work experience. We do require a minimum of 2 years of work experience for the WPMBA program.

The Full-Time MBA program places a greater emphasis on undergraduate academic record and a little less emphasis on work experience, as students have 4.5 years of incoming work experience on average.

The Working Professional track takes about 3 years to complete the MBA degree, assuming you attend class two nights per week.

Courses may earn 1.5, 2.5 or 3 credits.

  • 1.5 credit hour courses meet 1 night per week for 3 hours and 15 minutes (7 week term).
  • 2.5 credit hour classes meet 1 night per week for 3.5 hours (7 week term).
  • 3 credit hour classes meet for 3 hours and 15 minutes (14 week term).

The program is priced per credit hour and will take 48 credit hours to complete.

For details on program costs, please reference the Cost and Tuition page.

The Ohio State University Registrar makes the determination of residency status. More information about residency can be found on their website.

Working Professional MBA students are not eligible for merit-based scholarships since most students are currently employed and many earn some tuition reimbursement benefits from their employer.

Full-Time MBA students are eligible for scholarships since they have forgone salaries to attend the program on a full-time basis.

There are a number of loan programs that are available, however, frequently the stipulation is that you need to be a U.S. citizen or hold permanent residency status.

We require a transcript for each institution that you have attended where you have received any credit, regardless of whether you have earned a degree from that institution. Copies of transcripts will suffice for the purpose of academic review; however, an official copy of each transcript is required if you are offered admission to the MBA program.

Please send a notarized copy of your graduation/degree certificate along with your application. You will be required to bring us the original certificate upon acceptance into the program.

You may request a GMAT waiver if

  • Earned a 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale) undergraduate GPA or higher; and
  • Achieved a grade of B or better in at least two college-level quantitative courses (algebra or higher); and
  • Have a minimum of 4 years of post-baccalaureate work experience.

You may not request a waiver if you have already taken the exam and requested your scores be sent to The Ohio State University.

When you are completing your application to the program, you will be able to request a GMAT waiver by selecting the appropriate check box. Once the admissions committee reviews your application, you will be informed if you will need to take the GMAT to be considered for admission. By requesting a GMAT waiver, you are giving the admissions committee the right to make a final decision on your candidacy with the information that you have submitted in your application.

We do not have a minimum GPA for admission to the MBA program. However, we will evaluate both your undergraduate and any graduate transcripts as well as your standardized test score (GMAT) to determine whether you have the academic aptitude to succeed in the program. We will look closely for evidence of quantitative and analytical abilities, as you will be required to utilize these skills most often in the program. We do understand that the undergraduate GPA may not always be the best predictor of your potential in graduate school. For that reason, we evaluate all of the elements of your application before making a decision. If you do not have any evidence of the requisite skills from your academic coursework or GMAT score, it would behoove you to take a couple of quantitative courses to demonstrate your capabilities to the admissions committee. These courses can be taken at the undergraduate level at an accredited college or university.

Unfortunately we do not accept transfer credits from other programs/universities for the MBA program.

If you received your undergraduate degree from OSU, you will not need to order transcripts, provided that all of your coursework was completed at Ohio State.

If you received a graduate degree from the Ohio State Graduate School, you will need to submit a Transfer of Graduate Program form in addition to the online application.

Your status can be checked through our online application system. The system will indicate whether we have received test scores, letters of recommendation, and transcripts.

We recommend periodically checking the status of your application to ensure all of the materials you provided have been recorded.

Please allow 10-14 business days for your materials to appear in our system.

If you are waitlisted, it means that the admissions committee has decided to review your application among a larger pool of applicants and will make a final decision at a later time.

Your application will be re-evaluated every 6-8 weeks and you will be informed should the status of your application change.

While we cannot guarantee nor predict your acceptance, we can say that there are a number of applicants who are admitted from the waitlist each year. The percentage of applicants admitted from the waitlist varies from year to year, as does the amount of applicants on the waitlist at any given time.

We do not encourage applicants to come to campus to state their cases for admissions. You will be notified when a final decision has been made on your application.

Yes. As a graduate student of The Ohio State University, you are eligible to enroll in graduate level courses outside of Fisher as long as there are no restrictions or prerequisites that you have not met.

We do not offer the Working Professional MBA degree online through distance learning. At this time, we believe that technology-mediated courses cannot match the stimulating learning experience you will find here in face-to-face interactions in and out of the classroom.

We do have some courses that offer a hybrid approach to learning, with some class elements delivered electronically, and technology/software that will allow you to virtually communicate with other students for group projects. With this feature, you will still be able to contribute to group work without making a long commute on non-class days.

We do offer distance learning courses through our executive education program.