Leadership and Organizational Behavior

The Leadership and Organizational behavior specialization is for those students who want to develop expertise in leadership, learning to manage oneself, manage others, manage teams and relationships with others, and lead organizational change. These courses provide a range of individual and group study, so that you have both a theoretical understanding of leadership and hands-on experience as a leader.

Course offerings

  • MHR 7220 - Personal Leadership Effectiveness (3 credit hours)
  • MHR 7221 - Leadership Values and Decision Making
  • MHR 7223 - Advanced Topics in Leadership Effectiveness: Implementation
  • MHR 7226 - Foundations of Transformative Leadership
  • MHR 7231 - Building Professional Services
  • MHR 7240 - Managerial Negotiations
  • MHR 7241 - Advanced Managerial Negotiations
  • MHR 7304 - Talent Management
  • MHR 7306 - Understanding Teams and Leadership
  • MHR 7350 - International Human Resource Management
  • MHR 7500 - Resolving Social Conflict (3 credit hours)
  • MHR 7610 - Business Ethics
  • MHR 7689 - Washington Campus

Action Based Learning

Washington Campus

Strategic Leadership: Business and the Public Policy Process

Fisher College of Business is a member of The Washington Campus, a consortium of business schools that host seminars designed to equip students with the understanding necessary to anticipate, influence, and respond intelligently to government initiatives.

This seminar is an intensive, one-week course repeated in seven different sessions in Washington, D.C., providing participants with first-hand exposure to the political process and its impact on management.