Students in the Working Professional program can create a specialized niche of study to complement their general MBA degree. In a business climate where employers demand both broad management skills and functional depth, specializations give Fisher MBAs a leg up on the competition. Fisher's specializations have been designed by faculty to facilitate the development of expertise in a business approach or area that cuts across functional disciplines.

Specializations are not required for graduation in the Working Professional program; however, they can provide students with a concentrated area of focus as they enhance their contributions to their current job and prepare for their future careers.


The Finance specialization helps students develop a sound mix of analytical and management skills related to finance, both of which greatly facilitate the decisions corporations and their leaders make on a daily basis.

Leadership and Organizational Behavior

This specialization is for those students who want to develop expertise in leadership - learning to manage oneself, manage others, manage teams and relationships with others, and lead organizational change.


Course work in marketing provides practical, contemporary tools if you aim to pursue a career in marketing and sales management, brand management, marketing research, or a variety of challenging careers in retailing.

Operations and Logistics

Our program is widely recognized as one of the best in the United States, and includes coursework in operations, logistics, and supply chain management.


The strategic management curriculum develops a student’s ability to think constructively about the pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage through the systematic identification, evaluation and creation of attractive business and corporate opportunities.

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