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Opportunities to Learn and Engage


FisherDirect is an enriched student experience that engages high-ability/direct admit students throughout all 4 years in Fisher with unique opportunities designed to complement course work and maximize potential as a Fisher College of Business Student. Opportunities include:  mentoring programs, speaker series, professional development opportunities, company site visits, etc. First-year students directly admitted to the Fisher College of Business are part of the FisherDirect initiative.

Students can be admitted into the FisherDirect community if they are successfully admitted through one of the following ways: University honors, Business Scholars Program, Global Business Learning Community, or Merit-Based Review process. Students directly admitted into FisherDirect are directly admitted to the business major and will be assessed the professional program fee and technology fee every term of enrollment. FisherDirect students have access to the Career Management site as a first year student and are eligible to apply for the Freshman Global Lab study-abroad trip at the end of freshman year.

Learning Communities

Community building is an important aspect to strengthen the Fisher community. First-year Fisher students have three opportunities to live and learn together through our various learning communities and specialized programming – Business Scholars Program, Global Business Learning Community, and Business Honors Learning Community. All three communities are connected to FisherDirect Initiative. All learning communities provide a deeper level of engagement shared around similar themes and interest. 

All three learning communities have a variety of programs that take place throughout the year including:  etiquette dinner, professional development programs, out of town trips, guest speakers, company site visits, etc.

  • Business Scholars Program is a selective program with a two year commitment and is the only Scholars Program that has direct admission into major program. First year Business Scholars live together in Drackett Tower on north campus. The application is only for incoming first year students and is available through the university admissions process, on the Common Application. This program focuses on broad exposure to business, its practices, and professionalism, connecting with alumni while developing a sense of community within the larger university.
  • Global Business Learning Community is a 1 year living learning community coordinated through a partnership between the Office of Global Business and the Undergraduate Leadership and Engagement Office.  The application is only for incoming first year students and is available on the university housing application. All students live together in the Lane Avenue Residence Hall (LAHR) near the Fisher campus. This program focuses on in-depth exposure to international business, international business practices and specific international etiquette while developing a sense of community within the larger university.
  • Business Honors Learning Community is a 1 year living learning community specifically for 25 students admitted into University Honors program.   The Business Honors Learning Community (BHLC) is sponsored by the Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office and directed by the honors staff. The application is only for incoming first year honors students in Business and is available on the university housing application. BHLC has a sponsored partnership, gives broad exposure to business, its practices and professionalism while developing a sense of community within the larger university.

Industry Clusters

The Industry Clusters program provides an opportunity for students to learn about a certain industry in-depth and apply this knowledge to their business coursework.  The program focuses on topics pertinent to our nation’s economic future and gives students the opportunity to learn from industry experts.  This program is one year in length and includes working on projects for the companies represented.  It allows for students to gain valuable knowledge about their future careers, understand the marketplace where they plan to do business, and network with business professionals to help them be more competitive for job-seeking opportunities.  It is geared to third year students, but can be open to fourth years as well.  The Industry Clusters program is selective and students receive course credit for participation.

Freshman Global Lab

The Freshman Global Lab is a May-term global experience for FisherDirect first-year students. The Freshman Global Lab enables freshmen to go abroad during their first-year at The Ohio State University, traveling with faculty and staff directors to Europe where they will be immersed in an international business environment. 2015 participants will have the option to choose between Western Europe (Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom) and Eastern Europe (Greece, Hungary, Turkey). Student apply in fall or early winter. Selected students are required to take a 1.5 credit BA 2000 class during the second-term of Spring semester. Students can learn more and apply online at the Freshman Global Lab website.

Dean’s Leadership Academy

The Dean’s Leadership Academy (DLA) is a by-invitation-only class offered in the spring semester to outstanding students who have distinguished themselves both academically and through leadership activities during their first years at Fisher. DLA is a three-credit hour, graded course that counts as an elective. The core objective is to focus on participants’ personal leadership skills through academic literature, exposure to experienced and successful leaders, and personal introspection and self-awareness. The course is taught using a variety of methods such as guest speakers from the business community, community service, and team projects.