Pre-Orientation: Transfer Students

Transfer Students and Admission to Business Major

Fisher College of Business orientation staff will have your academic file prepared for you when you arrive for the academic overview session. Your academic file will denote and explain what requirements you have satisfied for the college and university based on your transfer credit. Your file will also highlight requirements you still need to complete in order to apply for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree program.

As a transfer student to The Ohio State University, it is imperative to your academic success that you begin your first semester at the university on the right track. In addition to any Gen Ed requirements already completed prior to the first semester at Ohio State, students must complete first- and second-year program requirements. Working closely with your academic counselor will enable you to keep on track and apply for the BSBA program.

Students in the College of Business fall into one of two categories:

  • Pre-Business: Student has met the initial academic criteria to be assigned to the College of Business as a Pre-Business student, but still must complete certain requirements in order to make application to the major and an area of specialization.
  • Business Major: Student has successfully completed application requirements, has submitted an application and been admitted to the Major and an area of specialization.

Application to Major

Pre-Business students should keep in mind that the application period for admission to the BSBA major program is twice per year. Application deadlines are as follows:

  • Autumn admission: June 1
  • Spring admission: September 15
  • Summer admission: January 31

Please visit the Admissions page to view application criteria. Also note that this information will be revisited in greater detail during the first semester via your BUSMHR 1100 course.

Transfer Credit Information

To determine if you need coursework further evaluated, please review your Transfer Credit Report at BuckeyeLink or the copy that was sent to you in the mail. If you have questions about how to read your Transfer Credit Report or about the evaluation process, visit the University Registrar's Transfer Credit site.

Transfer Students should keep syllabi and course materials from coursework taken prior to entering The Ohio State University. Transfer Credit coordinators in various departments may ask for supporting documentation from students.

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