Pre-Orientation: Honors Students

Honors Students and Admission to Major

Honors students are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree program at orientation. You will be asked to select an area of specialization during your Day Two individual advising appointment. Students may also declare "Undecided." No additional program application is necessary.

Honors Requirements

University Honors students are granted honors enrollment in the Fisher College of Business. Honors students have a variety of opportunities to enrich their academic experience:

  • Honors or upper division General Education Curriculum course work
  • Special honors programs in Fisher College of Business
  • Programming offered through the Honors & Scholars Center
  • Honors housing

In addition, honors students receive priority scheduling. To learn more about achieving and maintaining honors enrollment, visit the Honors Eligibility and Enrollment page.

First Semester Course Requirements

Your first semester schedule will look very similar to the sample below, depending on your Math placement score and whether you have AP or post-secondary credit.

BUSMHR 1100H 1 credit hour
Math course (Varies depending on placement) 4/5 credit hours
Honors Gen Ed course 3 credit hours
Gen Ed course / English 110 / Foreign language 3 credit hours
CSE 2111 3 credit hours
5 courses 14-15 credit hours

We highly encourage you to schedule no more than 14-15 hours your first semester, as this is a transition semester from high school to a university system and culture.

Learn more about math requirements