Pre-Orientation: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my academic advisor?
Your academic advisor is assigned to you when you arrive for orientation. In addition to assisting you with course planning, he/she will teach your BUSADM 1100 course. You have the option of scheduling advising appointments with your assigned advisor or any academic advisor in our office.
Can I get from one class to the next on time if the classes are scheduled back-to-back?
The average time between classes is 12 minutes. This is an adequate amount of time to get to and from campus buildings. You will notice once you become accustomed to campus, that most of your coursework will take place in the buildings on central campus.
Why do I have to take Math my first semester?
Math is a critical prerequisite course, and in order to successfully progress in the business curriculum, students are encouraged to begin the Math series in the first semester of enrollment.
I want to take a higher/lower math course…how can I do that?
Following Day One orientation, if you would like to change your math course because you feel your placement score placed you in an inappropriate level, you must contact the Math Counselors (we will provide you with this information at orientation).
What do I do if I don’t like my course schedule?
After the majority of new students attend scheduled orientation sessions and have the opportunity to register for classes, you will then be able to contact our advising office to change your course schedule. The exact date you are allowed to do this will be announced at orientation.
Why can’t I take Business classes?
In order to take upper level business courses, you must be admitted into the major program and complete prerequisites and foundation coursework. In your first semester, your academic schedule will be structured to get you on-track for this curriculum, whether you are a freshman or a transfer student.