Business Scholars Program

Who Are Business Scholars?

Business Scholars are a community of talented students that participate in programs and activities designed to complement and enhance their academic program. This two year program beginning with incoming first year students creates a "learning by doing" environment for scholars who have a strong interest in pursuing business by offering insight to best practices, and its environment.

Business Scholars understand the vital role of collaboration through team-building, networking, leadership training and workshops. Partnerships with faculty and alumni are developed to enhance professional development and a high ethical standard of behavior. First year Business Scholars live together to begin this community in Norton House.

What Do Business Scholars Accomplish?
Enhance Professional Development Skills
Times Square groupInteract with faculty and alumni through various programming opportunities including a business etiquette dinner and an ethics seminar. Formal workshops and various activities provide Business Scholars the unique opportunity to associate with business professionals early in their college careers. Including Business Etiquette Dinner, Dress for Success Workshop and Elevator Pitch Workshop.
Connect with Fisher College of Business
Business Scholars participate in Fisher Citizenship Program activities which foster personal growth, sponsor leadership development events, and encourage first year involvement in Fisher College of Business student organizations. Once Business Scholars complete all the requirements of the program they officially become "Fisher Citizens."
2010 NYC TripAll Business Scholars have an immediate connection with their Business Scholars Coordinator, who supports students through their college journey, mentoring Business Scholars as they develop personally – advocating and supporting. Business Scholars also have a specific academic counselor who understands Business Scholars expectations and promotes academic balance.
Learn about the Global Business Environment
Business Scholars have the opportunity to travel to a major national business center within the United States to meet and network with Fisher alumni, visit businesses, experience cultural events and practice networking skills.
For additional information about the Business Scholars Program please contact:
Jena Pugh, Program Manager
Undergraduate Leadership & Engagement Office
Phone: 614-292-7455

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