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Our Program

Fisher College’s undergraduate program will help you develop effective skills of analysis, strategic thinking, and communication — crucial tools for a successful career. And Fisher’s collaborative, intellectual environment will help you become a stronger business leader and teammate.

As a Fisher College student, you’ll learn through team-focused activities taught by top faculty, as well as by visiting business leaders and alumni. You’ll develop leadership skills through active involvement in business student organizations and community service activities. And you will have the opportunity to participate in internships and study abroad programs.

During your Fisher undergraduate experience, you'll find more extracurricular ventures than you'll have time to take part in — from student-run clubs and sports teams to cultural and community volunteer groups.


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree program is designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of today's complex business environment. Students can pursue programs of study during all three semesters of the academic year, and courses are offered in both the day and evening.

Within the Business Major, students choose from one of twelve Specializations:

A General Business program is also available, but is not offered on the Columbus campus. Visit the Regional Programs page for more information.

Sample Four-Year Plan

The sample course schedules below indicate suggested courses and number of credit hours for completion of your BSBA in four years. Please note, a maximum of 3 credit hours of transfer credit may be applied to a student's specialization.

Freshman Year
Autumn SemesterSpring Semester
Math 1130/1150* 4/5 Math 1131/1151 5
Econ 2001.01 3 Econ 2002.01 3
GEC 3 CSE 2111
GEC 3 BUSMHR 2290 1.5
BUSADM 1100 1 English 1110.01 3
  14-15   15.5

* Math Placement determined by examination

Sophomore Year
Autumn SemesterSpring Semester
ACCTMIS 2200 3 ACCTMIS 2300 3
STAT 1430
4 BUSMGT 2320
3 BUSMGT 2321
GEC 3 BUSML 3250
GEC 3 BUSMHR 2291 1.5
  16    15
Junior Year
Autumn SemesterSpring Semester
BUSML 3380 1.5 Specialization 3
1.5 Specialization 3
BUSMGT 3230 3 Open Option 3
BUSMHR 3200 3 GEC 3
Open Option 3 Free Elective 3
3 BUSMHR 2000
  15   16.5
Senior Year
Autumn SemesterSpring Semester
Specialization 3 Major option 3
Specialization 3 Major option 3
BUSMHR 4490 3 Specialization 3
GEC 3 GEC/Free Elective 3
Free elective 3 Free Elective 3
  15   15
  • Only the International Business Specialization requires modern foreign language (through 1103)
  • On average, each Specialization includes 5-8 courses; please consult the Specializations page or an academic advisor for details
  • Courses numbered less than 100 (i.e. 050, 075) are considered remedial and will not be used towards hours required for graduation
  • The credit hours for a repeated course will not be counted towards graduation requirements more than once