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Logistics Curriculum:
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There are many ways for students specializing in Logistics to enhance their education beyond the classroom. You can choose from hundreds of Ohio State student organizations, in addition to other opportunities offered by Fisher.

Student group: The Logistics Association

Sample Course Model:
YearAutumn SemesterSpring Semester
3 BUSML 3380

BUSML 4380
BUSML 4383
BUSML 5381

4 BUSML 4382
Logistics elective

Logistics elective
Logistics elective
Logistics elective


The logistics management curriculum is designed to emphasize the theoretical as well as the applied aspects of the field. Attention is focused both on the concerns of individual companies engaged in distributing products or facilitating the distribution of products and on the role of government in providing the legal, economic, social, and investment environments within which individual firms must operate.

Logistics Curriculum:

Logistics Curriculum, GEC-R

Logistics Curriculum, GEC

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Sample Course Model
3   Bus - M&L 784 Logistics Option
4 Bus - M&L 780 Bus - M&L 781 Logistics Option
Bus Adm 799
4 Bus - M&L 784
Logistics Option
Bus - M&L 780
Logistics Option
Bus - M&L 781
Bus Adm 799