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Information Systems Curriculum:
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There are many ways for students specializing in Information Systems to enhance their education beyond the classroom. You can choose from hundreds of Ohio State student organizations, in addition to other opportunities offered by Fisher.

Sample Course Model:


Math 1130


Math 1131
CSE 2111



Acct&MIS 2200
CSE 1223


Acct&MIS 2300
CSE 2123

Math 2366 (only offered Spring)




CSE 2133


CSE 3241



CSE 3232
ACCTMIS elective


ACCTMIS elective
ACCTMIS elective

The field of information systems is unique in that it blends organizational and managerial concerns with the study of information technologies. The objective of the information systems major is to prepare students for entry into the information systems profession.

The program is designed to provide students with (1) the technical foundation required to develop and function credibly in business and industry, and (2) organizational understanding and managerial skills necessary to plan for and manage business information systems. These skills are necessary to advance into leadership positions, particularly within the information systems functional area of the firm.

Information Systems Curriculum:

IS Curriculum, GEC-R

IS Curriculum, GEC

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Sample Course Model

1 Math 130 Math 131 Math 132
Cptr/Inf 200
2 Math 366
Acct&MIS 211
Acct&MIS 212
Cptr/Inf 201
Cptr/Inf 214
3 Cptr/Inf 314 Cptr/Inf 670 Cptr/Inf 516
4 IS Option IS Option IS Option
Bus Adm 799