Specialization: Economics

Economists develop theories to explain how components of an economy operate and interact with one another. They then gather statistical and empirical evidence to estimate the relationships among the various aspects of the economy. Using these data, economists predict how different economic entities will respond to changes in policies and external forces. These predictions, in turn, help guide private and public decision-makers to form appropriate policies.


Economics Curriculum:
Sample Course Model:
YearAutumn SemesterSpring Semester
1 Econ 2001.01, 2001.02, or 2001.03H Econ 2002.01. 2002.02, or 2002.03H
3 Econ 4001.01, 4001.02, or 4001.03 Econ 4002.01, 4002.02, or 4002.03
4 Econ 4XXX or 5XXX
Econ 4XXX or 5XXX
Econ 4XXX or 5XXX
Econ 4XXX or 5XXX

 Economics Curriculum:

Economics Curriculum, GEC-R

Economics Curriculum, GEC

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Sample Course Model

3 Econ 501 Econ 502  
4 Econ xxx
Econ xxx
Econ xxx Econ xxx
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Alternative Major Tracks (examples):  
Econ 520 Econ 665 Econ 530
Econ 530 Econ 666 Econ 5xx
Econ 570 Econ 656 Econ 570
Econ 580 Econ 5xx Econ 5xx