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There are many ways for students specializing in Aviation to enhance their education beyond the classroom. You can choose from hundreds of Ohio State student organizations, in addition to other opportunities offered by Fisher.

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Aviation 2000


   Aviation 2100

Aviation 2200


   Aviation 3000


Aviation 3200

Aviation 4000 (Autumn only)

   Aviation 5000 (Spring only)

Aviation 4500 (Spring only)



Aviation is a high technology, rapidly changing, competitive business operating in a global arena. Educated, professional managers are needed in over fifty career areas in the aviation industry. Transportation, economics and logistics, flight operations, and support are some of the many other positions that make up the exciting and challenging field of aviation.

Aviation Curriculum:

Aviation Management Curriculum, GEC-R

Aviation Management Curriculum, GEC

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Sample Course Model

3 AVN 300
AVN 310
  AVN 540
AVN 550
4 AVN 650
AVN 530
AVN 560
AVN 654
AVN 552