Specialization: Accounting

Accounting Curriculum:
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There are many ways for students specializing in Accounting to enhance their education beyond the classroom. You can choose from hundreds of Ohio State student organizations, in addition to other opportunities offered by Fisher.


    Sample Course Model:
    YearAutumn SemesterSpring Semester

    Acct&MIS 2200

    Acct&MIS 2300


    Acct&MIS 3200
    Acct&MIS 3300

    Acct&MIS 3201
    Acct&MIS 3600
    Acct&MIS 3400


    Acct&MIS 4200
    Acct&MIS 4500

    Acct&MIS Elective

    Success in accounting requires keen analytical abilities and a willingness to stick with a problem until a solution is found. An accountant should like detail and working with figures, but does not need an extensive background in mathematics.

    Accounting Curriculum:

    Accounting Curriculum, GEC-R

    Accounting Curriculum, GEC

    Honors Accounting Curriculum:

    Honors Accounting, GEC-R

    Honors Accounting, GEC

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    Sample Course Model
    2 Acct&MIS 211 Acct&MIS 212 Acct&MIS 521
    3 Acct&MIS 522 Acct&MIS 523
    Acct&MIS 525
    Acct&MIS 624
    Acct&MIS 531
    4 Acct. Option Internship Suggested Acct. Option
    Bus Adm 799
    2   Acct&MIS 211 Acct&MIS 212
    3 Acct&MIS 521 Acct&MIS 522
    Acct&MIS 531
    Acct&MIS 523
    Acct&MIS 525
    4 Acct. Option
    Acct&MIS 624
    Internship Suggested Acct. Option
    Bus Adm 799