Regional Programs: Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions from regional program students. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Student Services and Advising

Who do I contact about advising, adding or dropping a course?
Please contact Student Services and Advising personnel at your regional campus about add/drops and advising for regional business program courses. Do not attempt to send add/drop slips to the course instructor in Columbus.


Which word processing software should I use?
The Columbus and regional campus standard for submission of assignments and other student work is Microsoft Office including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc. Faculty will not accept work submitted using other software such as WordPerfect, MS Works, etc. All campus computer labs use MS Office. To work using other software at home save work on campus as (File/Save As..) .rtf (rich text format) and visa-versa.
What is Carmen?
Carmen is the online classroom (course management system) used at The Ohio State University over the web. You will receive a letter from the Regional Campus Business Program office before school starts explaining Carmen and how to use it for your courses.
Who do I contact about my Carmen login not working?
Please do not contact regional campus (Lima, Marion, Mansfield and Newark) Help Desk personnel. Login questions should be emailed to or phoned to 614-688-4357(8-HELP from any regional campus phone). The Columbus campus Help Desk has direct authority to resolve your login issues.
Should I use Carmen or the discussion posting area to interact with the instructor and other students?
Please use public discussion postings to communicate about the course content so that other students can benefit. Use email to communicate privately to your instructor about your grades.
How do I download an e-book?
Some faculty require students to purchase publisher-supplied electronic texts online (e-books from McGraw-Hill and Primus). You can choose to download your purchased e-book either to a public (computer lab, library) computer or to your home computer. When you choose a public computer you can only print the e-book one time. Always choose to download your e-book on your home computer.
What should I do if Carmen fails?
In the event that Carmen fails (the browser says "Page not found") your instructor will use Ohio State University email to communicate course materials and information to students. Please phone the Ohio State University HelpDesk at 614-688-4357 to report outages.
What should I do if the video conferencing connection fails?
Many courses in the BSBA and business minor programs use video conferencing for class meetings. In the event that the video connection fails at your regional campus the phone in the classroom will ring. Answer the phone for instructions.
Why is it important to post technical issues to the “Technical Support” Discussion Topic?
Because technical staff monitor this topic several times a day and will respond to your needs quickly. The other discussion topics and Carmen email are used by your instructor and classmates for instruction and content, and should be reserved for academic, class-related discussions.
The syllabus/course schedule/homework assignment is missing. What should I do?
Please post a description of the missing item to your Carmen course discussion board under the topic “Technical Support.” Staff monitor this discussion group and will respond promptly.

Quizzes, Exams And Surveys

How do I take a quiz or test in Carmen?
Carmen provides faculty and students with comprehensive test bank and administration systems including grading of objective exams. Course faculty will give you instructions prior to quizzes and tests. For objective tests, you MUST save each item (multiple choice, etc.) as you answer it by clicking the "Save answer" button. You can always change and re-save item answers at any time before you click the "Submit" button at the end of the quiz or test.
I'm trying to take an online quiz. However, after clicking on the appropriate quiz, the "Begin Quiz" button merely refreshes the page. I can't seem to find out how to start the quiz.
You most likely have a pop-up blocker installed on your computer (such as Norton Internet Security). Unfortunately, these blockers view our quizzes as pop-ups and won't allow the quiz to appear on the screen. You need to disable your pop-up blocker to take the quiz (you can enable the pop-up blocker again after you have submitted the quiz). If you need help disabling your pop-up blocker, please call the university helpdesk at campus (614) 688-4357. Their hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday, and from 4 to 10 p.m. Sunday.
I took quiz #1 and it indicates that I took it, but it doesn't tell me how I scored on it. Is it supposed to give immediate results, or do we have to wait until the time has expired for that particular quiz?
Simply let your instructor know that you can’t access your quiz score. Some instructors do not release results until every student has taken the quiz.
This is the message I got for Quiz 1: “A time of 00:00 indicates that you did not take this quiz before its availability expired. A grader submitted the quiz so that a grade could be assigned.” What does this mean?
You did not submit the quiz before the time allotted expired. This means that the instructor submitted the quiz for you through Carmen. Your instructor will be able to determine whether you completed the quiz before time expired by checking the timestamp in Carmen.
Is it possible to still access my completed quizzes so that I could print them off to study from?
Go to the quizzes page and click on the “completed” link, below the attempts on the right side. You should be able to view the results of the quiz you have taken by doing so and you can print it.

Online Video/Audio Modules, Mp3s, etc.

The video clip won't play, what should I do?
Many courses in the business major and minor programs stream faculty lecture using video and audio clips. Determine what kind of internet connection you have (slow modems will not play the clips, go to a campus lab to view the clips) and make sure that this connection will support accessing the media in question. Power cycle (re-start) the system (computer), including the cable modem.
Make sure all necessary cables are connected. Make sure the system (computer) has the correct media player and version installed. Update version if necessary. The most common problems is having an old version of Windows Media Player, or having the new version of RealPlayer. You can update Windows Media Player from If these steps fail, please post a message to the Technical Support discussion area in Carmen.
I am having problems opening the lectures. I am not sure what needs to be downloaded.
You should simply click on the link for the appropriate chapter/module, and a new window will open with the media playing and synchronized PowerPoint style slides. If you experience difficulty using the online modules, please post a description of the problem to your Carmen course discussion board under the topic "Technical Support." Staff monitor this discussion group and will respond promptly.
When I try to open a module, the page will pop up and say that it is opening, but nothing ever comes up, just a blank page. I do not have a pop-up suppresser, and I am not using dial-up. Can you tell my why it won't work?
Sometimes after viewing multiple modules, you may need to restart Internet Explorer, or even reboot your system, to access another module. If you continue to have difficulty, post a detailed description of the problem to your course's Carmen discussion board under the topic "Technical Support." You should also update your Windows operating system and Windows Media Player at Alternatives to the video modules include the audio-only modules, mp3s, transcripts, and PowerPoint slides.
I am having problems when I stop the slide and try to replay a certain part of the audio lecture. When I try to rewind the lecture slides it takes me to the very beginning of the lecture for that module. So to hear the last 10 seconds, I may have to listen to the entire 15 minute lecture. Please let me know if there is a way to fix this.
Please post a description of the problem, including the chapter and module number, and whether this is a video or audio module, to the Carmen course discussion board under the topic "Technical Support." Staff will resolve the problem ASAP.
I can’t access video/audio module X. The other modules in the course work fine. What should I do?
Please post a description of the problem, including the chapter and module number, and whether this is a video or audio module, to the Carmen course discussion board under the topic "Technical Support." Staff will resolve the problem ASAP.
I can't access any video/audio module in the course. What should I do?
You should be able to access the audio modules over most dial-up connections. You will probably NOT be able to access the video modules over dial-up. The video modules require at least a 100 Kbps connection to the internet. This means a cable modem, DSL, LAN or other "high speed" connection. If you have a high speed connection, you should first update your Windows operating system and Windows Media Player at If you are running a firewall, try turning it off and see if you can access the video module. If you still have difficulties, post a description of the problem to the course discussion board under the topic "Technical Support." Staff will contact you to help resolve the problem.
I noticed that Chapter X Module Y Video/Audio/mp3 is missing. What should I do?
Post a message to the Carmen course discussion board under the topic "Technical Support" describing what is missing. Staff will resolve the issue.
When I try to access the link for module X, I get this message: "This page has not yet been made available by the course designer. The designer must update the student view to make this page available." I skipped this Module and went on to Module Y, and it worked fine. What should I do?
Please post a description of what module gave you the error message to the course discussion board under the topic "Technical Support." Staff will update the module and you will be able to access the material.

PowerPoint Slides

How do I access the PowerPoint Slides?
When you open up the slides, are you given an option to save them (rather than just open them). At this point, you can choose to save them to your desktop and then open the slides in PowerPoint. This will allow you to print the slides.
I was unable to download the chapter 5 slides correctly. When I went to open the file it was all encrypted (squares and other misc. symbols. I do have an outdated version of Word...1997. Is this the problem?
The outdated version of office must be the problem. You can download the slides at a campus lab or another computer that has a more recent version of PowerPoint, and then save the presentation in the version that you have on your system. You could also upgrade to the latest version of office. The university licenses the "Buckeye Bundle" from Microsoft. The Buckeye Bundle includes Microsoft Office and a lot of other useful software at a steep discount. You can get more information about the Buckeye Bundle at