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Entrepreneurship Minor - Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the most frequently asked questions by students completing or considering the Entrepreneurship Minor. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

Bullet Course Requirements

What are the required courses for the Entrepreneurship Minor?
Five courses comprise the Entrepreneurship Minor. Two, Bus MHR 2500 and 3500.01 or 3500.02 are required. Three electives are chosen from a list of courses in three catergories, with no more than two courses coming from a single category.
Do I have to take the minor courses in a specific order?
No. Once the prerequisites are met, courses may be taken in any order. Students are strongly advised to complete the required courses before the electives.

Bullet General Questions

How do I apply for the Entrepreneurship Minor?
There is no application process for the Entrepreneurship Minor. You should inform your college advisor of your intentions to complete the minor.
Who approves my Entrepreneurship Minor?
There is no formal approval process required by the Fisher College of Business. As long as you have met the course requirements your college can approve your minor. An approved program form can be provided if your college requires it. You can obtain this from a FCOB undergraduate advisor. Call 292-2715 for an appointment.
I am majoring/intending to major in business. Can I use minor courses for major requirements?
No. Minor courses do not count toward any business requirement (other than free electives) or as prerequisites for further study in business.
Can I use Entrepreneurship Minor courses in my major?
Generally, no, unless your college specifically permits it. Please contact your college advisor for information.
Can I use Entrepreneurship Minor courses in another minor?
Each minor must contain 12 unique hours.
What grade do I need to earn for a course to count in the minor?
You must earn a C- or better for a course to be listed on the minor. You must earn a 2.00 cumulative point-hour ratio in your minor courses.
Can I take a minor course pass/non-pass?
No. Courses taken Pass/Non-Pass cannot count on the Entrepreneurship Minor.

Bullet Prerequisites

What are the prerequisites for the Entrepreneurship Minor?
There are no prerequisites for the Entrepreneurship Minor Program, but individual courses do have prerequisites, which are listed under Course Descriptions.
Can I start taking minor courses before I complete the prerequisites?
No. You must finish any course prerequisites before registering for that course.

Bullet Substitutions

Can I substitute a different business course for one of the required minor courses?
Variations in the program are generally not permitted. Any variations must be requested in writing and approved by the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship in Fisher College of Business.

Bullet Transfer Credit Applicability

Can I apply transfer credit to fulfill minor courses?
A maximum of 6 hours of transfer credit for equivalent courses may count towards the minor.