Middle Market

Offering students hands-on training about a critical economic segment and face-to-face interaction with top industry professionals, the Middle Market Cluster is taught by business professionals and experts at Fisher, including Faculty Coordinator:  Professor Doug Farren.

Executives from  Middle Market firms will share their expertise, address up-to-the-minute issues facing businesses today, and look to students to provide real-world solutions. Complementing this action-learning format will be a series of lectures designed to provide students with the breadth and depth of knowledge that they will need to succeed.

Participating Companies

Participating companies for the 2015-2016 academic year are: Columbus Blue Jackets, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, RG Barry Corporation, Homage and Noodles & Company.  


This is an academic program with expectations. There will be exams, outside readings, projects, and assignments. Students in this cluster should be aware that there will be several required learning opportunities outside of class time. These events include, but are not limited to, the Kick-off event, field trips, networking events, etc.

In Autumn Semester, students will meet one evening per week.  In Spring Semester, students should expect to meet one evening per week as well. However, because students will be completing projects, they should be aware that there will be an additional time commitment outside of that one evening. Participating companies may aid in the evaluation of these projects

Course Sequence and Syllabi

The Middle Market: Foundations and Understanding

Autumn- 2 semester hours

Course syllabus

The objective of the first course in the Middle Market sequence is to familiarize students with the definition of middle market businesses, their contribution to the economy, and characteristics of high-growth companies.  Industry partners will contribute content and subject matter on various topics such as growth, innovation, talent management, and strategy.  Classes will consist of: lecture/presentations, site visits, and work to be done by project teams or individually.

The Middle Market: Projects with Middle Market Firms

Spring- 3 semester hours

The second course in the Middle Market Cluster (pre-requisite: The Middle Market: Foundations and Understanding) will be devoted to team projects at Middle Market companies.  The class will be expected to meet periodically for coaching, updates, and other relevant content.  The culmination of the course will consist of a final presentation by each team to the host company of the project.