Company Resources

Companies are encouraged to get involved in the Industry Clusters program. For 2015-16, we will have seven cluster options for students:

 If you think that your company may want to participate in this program, here are the things we ask of our current industry partners:

Come to campus

We view our industry representatives as our partners in the Industry Clusters program. You will be asked to attend several events throughout the year, including: a program kick-off, your specific presentation, and project evaluations, etc. This time with you will provide an enriched learning experience for our students.

Lead classroom discussions

You will be asked to work with an OSU faculty member to develop relevant, interactive presentations that provide our students with some of the knowledge and insight that is necessary to work in your industry. These presentations are scheduled well in advance and should work in conjunction with classroom topics.

Develop projects

Have a business problem that you need some alternative solutions? During the spring semester, our students are asked to complete projects for our sponsoring companies. These companies provide us with real-life business problems and our students develop solutions for our industry partners. It is a wonderful way to explore creative solutions to improve your business’s effectiveness. You may be asked to aid the OSU faculty member in the evaluation on these projects.

Be a resource for our students

Whether it is hosting a field trip to your facility or simply answering an email, you will be an important resource for our students to learn about your industry. It is this personal contact that makes this program unique.


Want to get involved?

Contact Lorraine Pennyman ( for additional information.


In Their Words

  • ...This is a chance to bring in business leaders and teach business acumen to students and real world perspective....

    Jason Latham
    Nationwide Insurance