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Integrated Business & Engineering (IBE) Honors Program

The IBE Honors Program offers selected students an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous four year program that encourages students to reach their full intellectual and personal potential. Application to the IBE Honors Program is restricted to undergraduate business and engineering students who have previously been admitted to University Honors.

The IBE Honors Program is designed to develop the ability to communicate across business and technical domains and the ability to enact an inter-disciplinary approach to problem solving. While an inter-disciplinary approach promises unique benefits, achieving effective knowledge transfer requires that we recognize three main points. 

  • Problems vary in ways that often are not captured by any one disciplinary way of thinking.
  • A number of distinct intellectual perspectives exist, and these perspectives differ in their ability to “solve” particular types of problems.
  • Solving problems with significant social components, such as enhancing the distribution of nutritious food across an expanding global population, often require insights from all three perspectives.

The IBE program helps students to develop an appreciation for the distinct skills of colleagues in other disciplines and to develop judgment regarding the ways in which to effectively engage a group with different skills to solve complex, multi-dimensional problems.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive either a BSBA or BS in Engineering, an “Honors in Integrated Business & Engineering” diploma distinction, and a highly desired resume and set of experiences. In addition, engineering students will receive a minor in General Business and Business students will receive a minor Engineering Science.


 Engineering students: click here for more information. 

IBE students IBE students

Under the direction of Shellie Caudill of Georgia Pacific, IBE students practice brainstorming methods leading to a prototype of an innovative backpack during a voluntary evening workshop.