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Integrated Business & Engineering (IBE) Honors Program

The Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) Honors program is designed to provide exceptionally talented undergraduate students with exposure to theories and tools from varied disciplines, an opportunity to consider complex problems from several perspectives, and experience communicating and interacting with individuals from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. The program is limited to a select group of thirty-six business and engineering honors students carefully chosen to ensure a mix of distinct interests and educational backgrounds. The program is structured to enhance critical thinking, complex reasoning, creativity, innovation and leadership skills as well as to provide unique opportunities to interact with our sponsoring organizations.

The IBE Honors program is a demanding curriculum of study that spans four years on the Ohio State University campus. All IBE students will take honors courses in business or engineering. A subset of these courses will be provided within IBE cohort sections taught by professors selected for their rigorous methodology and use of inter-disciplinary course materials. In addition to the rigors of a standard honors curriculum in business or engineering, IBE students will also enroll in a series of IBE seminar courses that cover advanced topics associated with design thinking and product prototyping, business models for technological environments, leadership and management in dynamic environments, and a capstone field study. Throughout the program, students will be offered access to unique networking events involving corporate sponsor organizations.