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The Logistics Association

The Logistics Association is a not-for-profit professional organization which provides: leadership in developing, defining, and understanding the logistics process on a worldwide basis; a learning center for students in the form of concepts and best practices presented by logistics professionals; a window of opportunity for students seeking full-time jobs, internships, and co-ops.

The TLA is an open organization which offers individual membership to students in business. It seeks to involve individuals with the broader backgrounds in its programs and activities, thereby assuring that the organization benefits from and develops the diversity of its members.

The Logistics Association will operate on a not-for-profit, self-supporting basis, with emphasis on quality, flexibility, and in a cooperative manner with other organizations and institutions. The ultimate aim is to provide students with as much information as possible about both the types of responsibilities they will have in various logistics positions, and the types of skills they will need to advance.