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Fisher Latino Graduate Association

The Fisher Latino Graduate Association serves to increase the profile and opportunities for Latino students at the Fisher College of Business. Our goal is to encourage personal and professional development, provide support and assist its members in their academic development at the Fisher College of Business. In particular, the organization will focus on identifying and networking with Latino alumni leaders, build fellowship among its members and address issues that face the Latino community.

Fisher Latino Graduate Association is also dedicated to promoting and coordinating social and cultural awareness and activities, depending on the needs of its members. Further, to assist Fisher in increasing the recruitment of Latinos and promoting the well-being of the Latino community along with the collaboration of other organizations through a unified action. Finally, the organization will be used as a platform to develop future leaders in the Latino community.

Who might be interested?

Students who want to learn more about the Latino culture, network, socialize with other members, or get involved in different activities are invited to join FLGA. It is not necessary to be Latino to be a member. We have members from different nationalities that are interested in learning more about Latin culture.


FLGA events include year-round professional networking opportunities, cultural awareness, Emerging Markets summit, and social events. In addition, through the Office of Minority Student Services, active FLGA members are sponsored to attend the National Society for Hispanic MBAs.

In Their Words

"Coming to Fisher was one of the best decisions I made. Not only am I learning all the intricacies of business at Fisher, but as well as having the support needed to succeed. For example, being part of the FLGA not only gave me the chance to participate in events such as the NSHMBA, but also gave me a chance to directly interact with my fellows abroad."

- Gustavo Wille, MBA Student- Class 2010

“Deciding to pursue an MBA through the joint Law and MBA program has been the best career / education decision I have made. I joint FLGA mainly because of the people and the opportunity to interact with students that share similar cultural values as me. Additionally, with the help of the Office of Minority Student Services, the FLGA successfully sponsored students to attend the National Society of Hispanic MBAs in Atlanta, GA this past October. Overall, my experience with FLGA and its members has been exceptional.”

- Angel Fernandez, MBA Student – Class 2011