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Fisher Follies

Fisher Follies is a spectacular spring production featuring a dizzying array of humorous skits, videos & musical numbers created to poke good fun at ourselves after a year of taking ourselves way too seriously. Aside from the chance to roast your classmates and professors in front of 500 of your closest frenemies soliciting gut wrenching laughs along the way, there’s nothing really to gain here. Follies will not make you richer, better looking, easier on the planet, further networked or positioned for a great career. Its only purpose is… well… hilarity.

Oh and if we have a buck or two left over, we give it to the charity because it’s more pleasant on the conscience than buying the cast another case of veuve at the after party. That is debated, of course.

Here at Ohio State, we are looking for students interested in:

* Frivolous, amusing pursuits
* Self deprecation
* Dancing, singing, acting, writing, filming — or something that passes as such
* Doing something with those class notes which tally professors’ quirks
* Pure public humiliation — of self or others


Fall semester features Follies' annual silent and deadly auction of items ranging from luxurious to scandalous with heavy stops at valuable and funny. Fall semester is also our writing season where everyone is asked to write skits and musical numbers full of wit and folly. The giggliest gems are selected for spring rehearsals culminating in the annual show.