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Fisher Board Fellows

Founded in the summer of 2004, Fisher Board Fellows (FBF) is a student-run organization at Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. FBF brings together the Columbus community and select Fisher MBA candidates through placement of candidates on the boards of area non-profits as non-voting Fellows for nine to eighteen month terms.

Fellows, mentored by a board member and with the full support of the non-profit executive director and board chair, participate as though board members, attending all board and assigned committee meetings. In addition, Fellows complete a strategic, board-level project that harnesses the Fellow's business expertise and adds long-term value to the partner organization.

FBF develops relationships that are beneficial to all parties. Fellows gain valuable experience working with non-profits and senior business leaders. Boards receive new perspectives from experienced professionals and educated analysis on topics integral to the success of the organization.


Annual events include monthly meetings during which 1st and 2nd year Fellows discuss their boards and projects and learn about trends that impact the non-profit community, an in-depth training session for newly-selected Fellows during winter quarter, and a breakfast meeting in the spring that brings our community partners to campus for a morning of networking and recognition.