Building Operations & Procedures

Evacuation Policy

Each department in Fisher and Gerlach Halls has a copy of the evacuation policy for those buildings. The evacuation policy for Mason, Schoenbaum, and Pfahl Halls are in progress.

When the fire alarm goes off, go to the nearest stairway and exit the building in a quick, orderly fashion. Do not use the elevators.

Hazardous Materials (Right to Know)

The Facilities Coordinator/Hazcomm contact will provide each new employee and/or their supervisor a booklet and forms. The handbook is located in each department office.

Building Security

All regular faculty and staff have access to Fisher Hall, Gerlach Hall, and the faculty/staff lounge, located on the first floor of Fisher Hall. Additional access may vary according to office assignment. The Fiscal Contact in your office should e-mail the Facilities Coordinator with your Buck ID number and access assignment. If you do not already have a Buck ID, talk to your supervisor about obtaining one.

Always keep purses and other valuables out of sight and secured at all times, as staff members have had bookbags, purses, and laptops stolen. Offices that open directly into the hallway, should be locked when vacant. Offices located within a suite, should also keep purses and valuables secured. If anyone is seen in the buildings acting in a suspicious manner (rattling door handles, etc.) contact the University Police at 2-2121.

Smoking Policy

The Fisher College of Business is a smoke free environment. Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of any entrance, window, or ventilation intake, as required by law.

Emergency Closing Policy

To ensure continuity of services to students and the public, it is the policy of the University to remain open. Refer to the Ohio State University closing policy, located at However, during extreme emergency conditions due to severe weather, natural disasters, major utility failure, or other reasons, the University may close parts of the Columbus campus or any of its regional campuses. You may check for updates at

Vending Machines and Coffee Machine

There are vending machines located in the faculty/staff lounge of Fisher Hall, the MBA Lounge located on the second floor of Gerlach Hall, and in the basement of Schoenbaum Hall. There is a Coke machine in the basement of Pfahl Hall. There is a coffee machine in the faculty/staff lounge of Fisher Hall.

Parking Passes

There is parking available for invited guests of the college along Neil Avenue, in front of Fisher and Gerlach Halls. Parking passes may be obtained by completing a request form and forwarding it to 100 Fisher Hall for review and approval.