Core Courses

The program’s required coursework covers a broad range of analytical tools, including software training, that will prepare you for taking electives, pursue a specialization track, and complete a team project. By taking these courses with your SMF fellow students in a teamwork environment, you will also develop valuable soft skills for your future career.

Pre-term Training and Orientation

The three-week period prior to the start of the fall semester is used for orientation to campus life and preparatory training. You will attend preparatory workshops that review basic analytical tools for financial and quantitative analysis. In this period, you also complete the accelerated finance course.

Training also includes completing a non-credit course in financial modeling with Excel. Additional activities include faculty presentations on finance topics and meetings with finance professionals. At the end of the pre-term period, you will feel well prepared and acclimated to begin your regular coursework.

Required Coursework

Fall Semester

During your first semester, you take eight required courses that build analytical and soft skills. This set of core courses will provide you the needed background for advanced required courses and electives as well as working in team projects. Example core courses include:

  • an accelerated course in the principles and practice of financial analysis
  • a customized course in quantitative techniques with applications to finance
  • a course in the principles of economic analysis useful to finance professionals
  • a customized course that will train you in managing team dynamics as well as help you develop awareness of ethical issues and strong leadership skills
Spring Semester

The second semester of the program includes more advanced training through required courses and electives but will also give you the opportunity to practice your technical and soft skills by participating in a required team project. In this term, you will take two additional required courses:

  • team project to apply learning from coursework
  • an advanced course in economics

Visit the Electives page to learn about specialization tracks and some of the elective course options available for Spring Semester.