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Seven Summits of Marketing Research

Decision-based Analytics for Marketing's Toughest Problems

"Seven Summits of Marketing Research" reaches new heights in showing firms how to maximize their marketing ROI. It proposes a set of decision-based analytics for addressing seven of marketing's toughest problems, avoiding the tendency of existing methods to fall short on delivering to the bottom line. The book comes with decision software that allows users to explore alternative scenarios of resource allocation.

The book's path - from its inception as a joint collaboration between academic and practitioner colleagues, to its delivery using state-of-the-art models and decision software - makes it uniquely able to raise the standards of marketing measurement and practice.



7 Summits Book

The book and accompanying software are available below:

Book - 7 Summits of Marketing Research (PDF)

Book - 7 Summits of Marketing Research (online format)

Software - Analytic software

Overview of Material

Market Definition

Establishing the boundaries of analysis.

Market Segmentation

Understanding the needs of potential customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Identifying the drivers of brand value.

Product Analysis

Relating needs to wants.

Price Analysis

Translating wants into demand.

Advertising Analysis

Incorporating brand belief and consideration effects.


Coordinating product, price and promotion decisions.