Faculty Experts Guide

Department Chair
  Name Expertise
  Walter Zinn Customer service and inventory management policy, Logistics strategy and management, Logistics in Latin America
Full-Time Faculty
  Name Expertise
  Greg M. Allenby Economic and statistical issues in marketing, Bayesian applications in marketing household preferences and sensitivities to marketing activities with limited information, Analysis of scanner data, survey response and store-level data, Brand preferences, Business statistics, Econometrics International business marketing strategy
  Robert E. Burnkrant Consumer behavior, Effects of marketing stimuli on memory, motivation and persuasion, Determinants of behavior and the attitude-behavior relationship
  Martha Cooper Supply chain management partnerships and other interfirm relationships, The role of customer service in corporate strategy, International logistics, Cluster analysis, Distribution systems, Outsourcing
  Keely L. Croxton Logistics, Mathematical modeling, Merge-in-transit
  Xiaoyan Deng Consumer responses to visual designs of product and packaging, Consumer co-design and co-creation in the context of mass customization and consumer aesthetics
  Leslie M. Fine Buyer/seller relationships and sales force management, Social and psychological variables that impact the buyer/seller relationship, Salesperson adaptivity, Mentoring in the sales force
  James L. Ginter Supply chain management, Corporate strategy and the strategic planning process, Marketing segmentation, Product differentiation
  Thomas J. Goldsby Logistics customer service, Supply chain integration, Lean and agile supply chain strategies
  Nino Hardt Applied Bayesian Modeling in Marketing, Structural Equation Models, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Value
  Curtis P. Haugtvedt E-commerce, e-marketing, Attitude formation and change, attitude strength, Personality variables in consumer behavior, Computer-based behavioral Research, World Wide Web advertising, Diversity in advertising
  Mingyu (Max) Joo Advertising, Online/Offline Marketing Interaction, Empirical Industrial Organization, Reverse Auction, Quantitative Marketing
  Blair Kidwell Consumer behavior; Affect, emotional intelligence and political ideology; Knowledge calibration; Transformative consumer research
  A. Michael Knemeyer Transportation management, Logistics management, Supply chain management, Developing and implementing supply chain partnerships, Customer service, Distribution systems, Transportation outsourcing, Transportation planning
  Douglas M. Lambert Supply chain management, Developing and implementing supply chain partnerships, Measuring and managing customer service, Assessing the profitability of business segments, Logistics management, Supply chain metrics
  Shashi Matta Marketing Strategy, Branding, Consumer Behavior, Advertising Strategy and Marketing Communications, Services Marketing, Customer Experience
  Deborah Mitchell Brand management, Product management
  D. Terry Paul Marketing of health care services, Retailing, Qualitative Marketing Research
  Rebecca Walker Reczek Consumer behavior
  Patricia M. West Consumer judgment and decision making, Consumer learning, Neural networks
  David Widdifield Project Management – Logistics Systems, Logistics Operations Management, Vendor Relations