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Faculty Expertise

Department Chair
  Name Expertise
  Peter T. Ward Operations strategy, Managing technology, Reengineering operations, Lean manufacturing, Benchmarking
Full-Time Faculty
  Name Expertise
  W.C. Benton Jr. Purchasing and materials management, Manufacturing planning and control, Inventory management, Health care performance issues, Economics of cardiovascular surgery, Supply chain management
  Kenneth K. Boyer Operations Strategy, Technology Management, E-commerce Operations
  R. Gary Butler Quality assurance, Lean manufacturing
  Aravind Chandrasekaran Managing incremental and radical innovation in high technology organizations, Product and process innovation, Multilevel issues in operations management
  Mark A. Christobek Quality assurance, Forecasting, Inventory analysis, Manufacturing, Linear programming
  Steven M. Dickstein International business development, Advertising and promotion, Operations management
  Gökçe Esenduran Closed loop supply chain, Sustainable operations, Environmental Legislation, Distribution channels, Operations marketing interface
  John Gray Manufacturing outsourcing, Operations strategy, Empirical research in operations management, Global sourcing
  Nicholas G. Hall Project management, Operational issues in supply chain management, Applications of game theory and auctions, Applications of operations research to health care management and sports administration
  James A. Hill Jr. Control systems in process industries, Master production planning, Inventory management, Supply chain management, Supplier development programs
  Steve Lundregan Strategy deployment, Strategy development
  Andrea M. Prud'homme Process analysis, Quality improvement, Mass customization, Buyer-supplier relationship, Operations strategy
  M. Johnny Rungtusanatham Logistics and operations, Operations management and quality improvement, Production and operations management
  David A. Schilling Optimization and simulation modeling, Supply chain management analysis and design, Facility location decisions, Distribution systems